Get the best team on the job without delay

Fix it in the field faster with exciting new features

First we removed the time, cost and hassle of paperwork in the field, now we’re removing office white boards, notebooks and pencil ruled spreadsheets!

From scheduling and dispatch, planning complex jobs, managing the job flow process through to receiving the very last dollar and closing a job, our dynamic new features focus on your business working smarter, not harder.

Scheduling & dispatch

With our new scheduling and dispatch, there is no delay when something is urgent. Immediately schedule job tasks using the drag and drop calendar and dispatch urgent job details to field crew devices in seconds:

  • easy-to-use drag and drop calendar – everything in one place
  • easily view daily and weekly availability of your teams
  • alerts you to jobs that need immediate servicing
  • track what’s been completed or is planned
  • jobs show in the calendar until they are closed
  • at a glance see what’s been scoped or what needs invoicing
  • Easy job dispatch takes care of all the little jobs.

Maximise your crew’s time and get the best team on the job by instantly sending any job task instruction to field crew devices on-site. Never miss a job and get more work done with reliable and efficient customer service.

Manage the job life-cycle | Automated job flow & alerts

New optional features in FIELDFIX Job Management give you the power to manage jobs through their life-cycle in as much or as little detail as you need.

Before, jobs in FIELDFIX were either open or closed, now FIELDFIX gives you the ability to easily manage the job through its multiple states e.g. on hold, open, quoted, approved, scheduled, planned, dispatched, in progress, work complete, reporting complete, invoiced, closed, cancelled. You choose the level of detail that suits your business.

  • Apply multiple job states and dates to manage the job from quote to close
  • Job states flow automatically depending on action e.g. as soon as data is submitted from a device, job state moves from ‘dispatched’ to ‘in progress’
  • Automated job alerts tell you which jobs needs servicing
  • Shared view between field crew and office staff to make comments
  • Immediately schedule urgent jobs and dispatch to crew devices in seconds
  • Sort jobs by next date and quickly view recent job activity

Easily plan complex jobs

FIELDFIX Job Management makes managing ‘big’ jobs easy by using sub-jobs, tasks, dates and multiple job states to plan complex commercial projects.

Project managers on-site can assign tasks and use crew more efficiently by using sub-jobs to plan and manage the work. For example, use sub-jobs to divide the job into tasks by crew function – civil, drill etc, or by location such as by road. Sub-jobs can then be easily managed through the job life-cyle with automated job flow and alerts, drag and drop scheduling and dispatch.