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‘There’s no going back now… we can’t live without it’

“There’s no going back now… we can’t live without it!” said Sean Rainthorpe from FTTX on how FIELDFIX has transformed the way they do business.

It took just four months for FIELDFIX to revolutionise the way they did business and they are now looking to grow their business by 50%.

They found that the guys in the field grabbed hold of FIELDFIX and are loving it so much there’s no going back. Using FIELDFIX has also become a great incentive for their field crews, as it tracks both job progress and individual/team performance in real time for which they can reward with a performance based bonus.

“Since implementing FIELDFIX we have seen significant improvements in our administration workflows and processes including payroll handling with FIELDFIX Timesheets, tracking working time and materials used through FIELDFIX Job Cards and also much more consistent, professional looking as-built diagrams generated using FIELDFIX. We have also seen a great reduction in the time taken to submit documentation to our clients and missing paperwork is now a thing of the past!

The FIELDFIX support team are always responsive to our questions and have resolved the few technical problems that we have encountered very quickly indeed. Our suggestions and requests have even on several occasions been included in subsequent updates to the web-based interface and/or mobile apps.”

FIELDFIX really does get the job done faster by working smarter, not harder. Contact us to find out more about how FIELDFIX can transform your business.