Job Management

Got a complex job? Get FIELDFIX

FIELDFIX Job Management makes light work of managing those ‘big’ complex jobs.

Project Managers can easily plan complex commercial projects by using sub-jobs, tasks, dates and multiple job states to manage the work. For example, you can use sub-jobs to divide the job into tasks by crew function such as civil or drill, or by location such as by road. Even on-site, supervisors and project managers can assign tasks right there and then using sub-jobs so that they can use crew more efficiently to plan and manage the work.

Screenshot shows how sub jobs can be used to break down and manage large scale jobs

This screenshot shows how sub-jobs can be used to break down and manage much larger scale jobs. See how the sub-jobs are organised by either road/house number or by function e.g. drilling, installation.

Sub-jobs can be easily scheduled and dispatched to crew devices in seconds and are easily managed through the job life-cycle with automated job flow, while alerts keep you on top of job progress by listing jobs that need to be actioned.

Job Management screenshot shows job and sub jobs tasks, automated alerts, job states and easy schedule and dispatch.

This screenshot shows how jobs and sub jobs can be scheduled and dispatched to crew devices instantly. It also shows the job state, e.g. scheduled or in progress and you can see how automated alerts keep you on top of job progress.

With FIELDFIX jobs are more than just open or closed. FIELDFIX gives you the ability to easily manage the job through its multiple states e.g. on hold, open, quoted, approved, scheduled, planned, dispatched, in progress, work complete, reporting complete, invoiced, closed, cancelled. You choose the ones that best suit your business. Job states flow automatically depending on action e.g. as soon as data is submitted from a device, the job state moves from ‘dispatched’ to ‘in progress’.

Screenshot shows job states dropdown menu with many options.

This screenshots shows the job states dropdown menu with many options available that can be assigned to a job.

Automated job alerts tell you which jobs need servicing, and the shared view makes it easy to share comments between field crew and office staff. You can sort jobs by next date and quickly view recent job activity so that you can immediately schedule urgent jobs and dispatch to crew devices in seconds.

Screenshots shows list of jobs that need actioning.

This screenshot shows an automated list of jobs that need to be actioned.

FIELDFIX really does make it easy to plan and manage complex jobs, stay on top of job progress and easily track costs vs revenue in real time.