Create As Builts online in the field
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Capture data in the field fast with FIELDFIX forms

Health & Safety continues to put demands on businesses, large and small. Understandably, this is a critical area that companies cannot shy away from, and paperwork is only set to increase in the future when the new health and safety reforms become law.

So what are the options? How can businesses continue to adhere to these vital processes and meet compliance without getting buried in time-consuming, costly paperwork?


FIELDFIX mobile forms allow you to capture exactly what you need in the field using mobile devices. With FIELDFIX custom fields feature you can add multiple custom fields to any form, allowing you to capture data in the field, fast, efficient and without the hassle of paperwork. It’s that easy!

Here are just a few examples of mobile forms we have supplied to customers recently, and the list is growing daily:

  • Hazard ID forms
  • Audit forms
  • Vehicle check form
  • Site Visitor Log form
  • EWP daily check list (Elevated Work Platforms)

So if your field paperwork is already getting you down and you are looking for a way to lighten your load – contact FIELDFIX today.

Ph: 0508 FIELDFIX (343533)