Work collaboratively to get the job done.
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FIELDFIX enables enterprises to work collaboratively to get the job done faster

One of the key benefits for Enterprise businesses adopting cloud technology is that it gives them the ability to work collaboratively to get the job done faster.

Our Corporate View feature is an extension of FIELDFIX Job Management and was developed in response to our customers’ requirements to have real time job progress reporting across multiple contractors in the field. Their need was for a service that enabled them to proactively manage their contractors and receive daily jobs progress.

With FIELDFIX Corporate View, Enterprise companies are set up as a parent site with multiple contractor sites feeding through to them so that they can share real time visibility of how a job is progressing. Contractors like it as job details are synchronised keeping them up-to-date at all times and better still, they can send job details for approval as they happen in the field so they can keep on working.

Corporate View is a unique feature to FIELDFIX and allows companies to pro-actively manage their contractors and accurately track costs vs revenue per job. FIELDFIX helps your business get more out of cloud technology to drive your growth and profitability. Now that’s working smarter!

If you’d like to know more about FIELDFIX Corporate View contact us and have a chat about how it could benefit your business.