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FIELDFIX welcomes customer innovation

FIELDFIX is all about working smarter, not harder. We find that once our FIELDFIX customers get a taste for this, they can’t wait to drive FIELDFIX product capabilities to new levels of efficiency and that’s exactly what we love!

We are always looking for new innovative features to help our customer stay ahead of the game and we can’t wait to hear the results of our latest customer driven feature Productivity Reporting.

FIELDFIX has already proven that it’s a great tool for motivating staff and increasing their productivity. This new feature takes it a step further by encouraging field crew to work more efficiently and gives them the tools they need to report their awesome work to management quickly and effortlessly. Productivity Reporting enables our customers to really stay on top of their business, manage the productivity of staff and jobs from 1000s of miles away with automated daily productivity reports emailed straight to their inbox.

We positively encourage our customers to help drive our innovation, so if you have any smart ideas contact us today. We have over 20 years’ experience in software development and understand that our customers are the experts in their business niche. Working together we make a powerful team!