FIELDFIX Software as a Service
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FIELDFIX Software as a Service

With so many definitions out there for Software as a Service or Saas, let’s keep it simple. A true Saas is when the software you are using is being managed and hosted by another organisation.  Maintaining, customising and upgrading on-site software is a time-consuming, expensive and risky business. Add to this the burden of ongoing software upgrades and customization, it is understandable why more and more companies are choosing Software as a Service.

Furthermore, the move away from on-site software management to cloud based hosted systems has opened up a whole new level of information management opportunities that were historically out of reach for SME’s. Now all sizes of companies can afford to have the right software systems in place to help them manage and grow their businesses.

So should you jump on board? And if so how do you choose the right Saas provider with so many to choose from?

When you join up with FIELDFIX we guarantee that you’ll get the total experience. With over 20 years’ experience in both the software development and field service industry, FIELDFIX ticks all the boxes. Our technical team work hard to ensure our software remains innovative and responsive to the needs of our customers, delivered in a practical no-nonsense design that leaves your management and field crew wanting to use it.

With FIELDFIX you also don’t need to worry about data security as FIELDFIX has a robust, secure software infrastructure built to Enterprise grade giving you the confidence that your business has maximum data security at all times.

However, we are not just about the software. True to Saas, FIELDFIX is about delivering a great service too. Right from the very start we work closely with our clients to ensure what they want, is what we deliver. From initial business mapping, to set up of their very own system, training and ongoing personal support – we cover it all.

We also understand jumping on board with new technology can be a bit scary at first. That’s why our tailored training programmes ensures a gradual roll out. We find that when broken down into manageable sized chunks, both office and field crew are up and running with FIELDFIX in no time at all.

Contact us and we’ll happily talk you through how it works.