Two unlikely companies come together
Job Management Software

FIELDFIX is disruptive technology that’s smarter, innovative and more easy to use

While Apple is being disruptive and shaking up the internet by allowing ad-blocking apps with their latest iOS9 upgrade, FIELDFIX too can be considered disruptive technology in that it has “transformed a complicated, expensive product into one that is easier to use and more affordable.”

The term disruptive technology isn’t new. It was introduced by Clay Christensen, the Harvard Business School professor, nearly 20 years ago. He says disruptive technology “isn’t synonymous with being better than what currently exists. Nor does it mean something that is cooler or faster or based around a more advanced technology or any new technology at all”. Rather, a disruptive innovation is one that “transforms a complicated, expensive product into one that is easier to use or is more affordable that the one most readily available.”

FIELDFIX was born out of the unlikely partnership of a contractor with 20 years hard experience at the coalface and a specialist IT company with strategic expertise in design and software development. Every stage of the software development was driven by the practical needs of the contractor, the customer telling the IT experts what they needed the system to do and to deliver. Peter Cooper, General Manager FIELDFIX wished for a smart software system that would enable his field crew to administrate his business from the field.  “It had to be simple for it to succeed, so that the fat fingers and thumbs out there would use a system they believed in and understood.”

And today this vision still remains at the core of FIELDFIX development and innovation. Smart technology driven by the practical needs of the people who use it. Easy and intuitive to use, FIELDFIX does what you need it to so that your field crew can focus on getting the job done. Built to work in any business, it has everything you need to manage your jobs from quote to close, without the cost and hassle of paperwork.

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FIELDFIX  – software innovation, support and service, even price is driven by the needs of our customers.