Job Management Software

Get the best software solution for your business, not a jack of all trades

Many software platforms try to be all things to everybody and end up being the jack of all trades and a master of none.  At FIELDFIX we take a very different view. The FIELDFIX philosophy is built around utilising the best solution for each business requirement rather than a “take over the world” approach.

FIELDFIX was born out of the unlikely partnership of a contractor with 20 years hard experience at the coalface and a specialist IT company with strategic expertise in design and software development. From the very beginnings, every stage of software development was driven by the practical needs of the field crew, the guys at the coalface telling the IT experts what they needed the system to deliver. It had to be simple for it to succeed so that the fat fingers and thumbs out there would use a system that they believed in and understood.

Nowadays, FIELDFIX is proud to belong to the Best of Breed for mobile information capture.  From large civil entities, power distribution, through to property development and smaller contractors, FIELDFIX provides the backbone of mobile data capture and alerts for job management, organisational compliance and reporting.

And although FIELDFIX capabilities have grown vastly from those early days, we still work by the same founding philosophy and that is, everything we do starts in the field. Our vision is to continue to provide the best mobile information capture system there is. A smart software system that goes beyond the call of duty and makes light work of capturing, storing and utilising all sorts of information from the field, from anywhere, anytime.

Moreover, FIELDFIX was designed to integrate with your existing systems. We’re not about taking on the world. We are about helping your business work smarter, not harder.

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