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Implementing new cloud software, when experience really does count

When companies decide to change from existing paper processes in favour of a new “cloud” software or “software as a service” they need to feel supported every step of the way. After all, you aren’t just changing paper processes when implementing a new software, you are often changing how people work, introducing a new culture. Especially for the guys in the field who, unlike office staff,  are often not experienced with using software to record and report on their daily activities at the coalface.

That first step can often be scary for new businesses, big and small. Staff can feel under pressure and out of their depth when learning new technology.  And that’s when choosing a service provider with experience really does count. You want to make sure that the software you choose really does do what you need it to, and that the implementation process is discussed and agreed in advance so that every stage is clear and meets your organisational needs in terms of roll out, time scales and cost.

FIELDFIX is a stable, robust, tried and tested mobile information capture system which empowers your field crew to record the information your business needs, as it happens in the field, and even from the most remote places. Much more than just a data capture system, FIELDFIX then gets your information to where it’s needed, in real time and in the format that makes managing your daily activities and business easy.

Moreover, we know what works in the field through first-hand experience and we know what doesn’t work also. Rather than being a system designed in the office and pushed out to field crew to use, we started in the field and this gives us a unique perspective and understanding that many software companies cannot claim to have.

Backed by the best of breed servers, data security and our highly experienced team of IT specialists dedicated to getting it right for you first time, you can rest assured we have your back covered.

Our thorough approach to implementation provides a low risk platform for managing the overall culture change required for mobile software implementation. FIELDFIX having come from the field understands this and has the toolsets and methodologies in place to assist organisations with getting to grips with this fundamental culture change within their business.

Introducing change and new software systems may be a serious business but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one. When working with the right partner, it can be an enlightening, exciting and fun journey!

Read more about FIELDFIX Support and how we have got your back covered every step of the way.

“Compared to where we were when we first made the decision to implement FIELDFIX we’re worlds apart… it’s just magic!” – Managing Director – Austin Asphalt Ltd

“Once the decision was made to roll out FIELDFIX to the ground staff everyone from the FIELDFIX team pitched in to ensure that all training and roll out went as smoothly as possible. The FIELDFIX team responded with confidence and a great ‘can do’ attitude to all queries and tweaks.” – Operations Management – Treescape NZ Ltd