Practical Job Management Software in the field

Reward your clients the easy way with FIELDFIX Job Discounts feature

At FIELDFIX development never stands still, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our mobile job management software and make it even smarter “for the fat fingers and thumbs” out there. We find the best way to help our customers stay ahead of the game is to actively encourage their input in new feature ideas. After all, everything we do starts in the field, so by listening to our customers, we make sure we continue to deliver practical smart software for the people who use it.

Thanks to Austin Asphalt and their innovative thinking, you can now easily reward good clients with job discounts, all effortlessly managed and automated within FIELDFIX Job Management.

Simply select which job you want to discount, and complete the field with the chosen discount percentage, it’s as easy as that.

With an ever competitive market place, our customer was keen to explore new ways to strengthen existing client relationships as well as incentivise new clients to come on board. We are very pleased that FIELDFIX enables them to do just that. Another great example of what can be achieved when we all work together.

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