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Reliability, Integration and Control, 3 key factors when choosing your cloud-software

A recent article on cloud computing and how to choose the right service partner for your business highlighted 3 key components to keep in mind during your search process: reliability, integration and control. We decided to take a closer look at what they had to say and share how FIELDFIX compares.

1. Reliability: “The consistent reliability of IT services is crucial for any business.”

We couldn’t agree more. When the system your business depends on shuts down it can cause all kinds of stress, not to mention the actual cost of downtime. That’s why at FIELDFIX our hosted infrastructure includes best of breed servers, redundancy, data recovery and data security.

Furthermore, FIELDFIX’s core design was founded on the philosophy that everything we do is to help our customers work smarter, not harder, so that they can stay ahead of the game. That’s why we made sure our smart software works offline. So if your field crew is out in a remote area without cellphone coverage FIELDFIX still works, capturing the information ready for sending when the crew is back in coverage. This means things aren’t going to be missed just because a job is exceptionally remote.

When it comes to providing a consistent, reliable service, our customers are confident to leave IT to us. We take care of the “geeky” stuff, leaving you to get on with doing business.

2. Integration:  “integration of cloud services can introduce a host of new support, billing and management complexities”

With over 20 years’ experience in software design and development we understand the importance of integrating new systems with your current business operations. FIELDFIX was built to integrate and integration continues to play a key role in our ongoing product development. We welcome the opportunity to work actively with your existing software suppliers to ensure all systems talk to each other, just the way you want it.

3. Control: “controlling and managing your new cloud services should not create an additional burden on your IT team”

At FIELDFIX we’re not just about the software. We understand that implementing new software is a cultural change for your business. It involves re-training your staff, changing and adapting your processes, and more importantly your team need to believe in it and want to use it, because if they don’t, you’ve got nothing!  When customers come on board with FIELDFIX we personalize our training programmes to suit your business needs. Our hands-on training and support make sure your guys are up and running in no time.

Whilst we certainly don’t presume to be the best at everything, we are confident that FIELDFIX is, without a doubt, a stable, robust, tried and proven software solution. Our customers can rest easy that when it comes to reliability, integration and control FIELDFIX ticks all the boxes.

Source: comparethecloud, 11 Aug 2015, Maximizing the value of the cloud Read more