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Meet Dave, the ‘technical guru’ of FIELDFIX or as we like to call him the ‘IT geek’!

Dave’s passion is new product development, and he just loves being put to the test to deliver dynamic development requests from our FIELDFIX team and customers. Off he disappears into his “little dark cave,” and doesn’t reappear until he’s cracked it! Is there anything Dave cannot do?

His core technical skills have been put to the test very successfully over the last 20 years in a number of senior technical and management roles both in NZ and overseas. These include Intel, AT & T, Nortel, General Motors, Reed Elsevier, Vector and Electrix.

Yet while Dave is the overall product architect for FIELDFIX and drives our specialised development team, he also backs our Software as a Service philosophy one hundred percent. Not only does he believe strongly about providing on-going support for our customers, he is also committed to providing smart software solutions that can integrate and support your existing business systems.

Dave brings to FIELDFIX enterprise grade IT infrastructure but with the heart and soul of a small growing business, and makes working smarter not harder, not only easy but fun too.

Nice one Dave. Keep calm and SUP on! (Because when Dave’s not busy designing innovative software….you’ll find him off paddle boardingJ)

Next week we’ll be introducing you to Adrian. But in the meantime, you can find out more at meet the team.