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Meet Sam, who looks after “the FIELDFIX family”

This week we meet Sam, she’s like the ‘mother hen’ of FIELDFIX! She is an amazing people person and takes great care of all of us in the office as well as all our FIELDFIX customers. She is super, duper organised when it comes to accounts and admin, and keeps FIELDFIX ticking along nicely! Her role touches every area of the business and we often refer to Sam as ‘the glue’ that brings all things together!

Originally from the UK, Sam has held several international sales and marketing roles focussed on multi-national corporates and built a career in international product sales throughout Europe. She has brought to FIELDFIX a wealth of knowledge and experience in both product positioning and internal business processes. But what she’s enjoying most about working with FIELDFIX is the people management. Sam really enjoys getting to know people and she always finds time to ask how things are going, has a good listening ear and has a real knack of just getting things sorted!

Unlike her husband Dave, (Technical Director, FIELDFIX), Sam does not have a technical background so in order to pass the ‘Sam test’, she asks for little technical jargon and a good explanation of what the product does and how it will benefit our customers! Sam keeps FIELDFIX real, focussed and practical.

Sam has a BA (hons) in Languages for Business majoring in German and Spanish. She might be the best of British, but she enjoys a good German beer and is quite partial to tapas and sangria, preferably in Barcelona!

Over the last 4 weeks we’ve introduced you to the management team, but the FIELDFIX family doesn’t end there. With our amazing technical support staff, watch out for more introductions coming your way real soon.

Alternatively, contact us today to find out more about FIELDFIX. We’d love to hear from you.