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Working Smarter with FIELDFIX and Maestrano!

One of the key issues businesses with remote or in-the-field workforce’s face is in capturing information as it happens in the field and getting it back to the office in real time, whatever that information may need to be.

Once back at the office however there is often the question of how that information is sorted, reported and then potentially moved on to where it needs to be within the business.

One of the unique things about FIELDFIX is that it provides the ability to capture both structured and unstructured information in the field. Having been built with integration in mind it can also easily feed that information as required to the other areas of a business – from Enterprise level financial systems down to simple legacy in-house databases.

In partnering with Maestrano we are making this even easier for small to medium businesses by providing out of the box integration with all the Apps in the Maestrano iPaas App family. Now FIELDFIX has the ability to communicate information automatically to these applications, providing the opportunity for businesses to utilise a complete business solution from one place, at a cost that is a fraction of the price of what Enterprise Level software usually costs!

With Maestrano rapidly expanding in the North American market, following the trend of the rest of their operations growing faster every day in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia, the number of Apps FIELDFIX now integrates with out of the box is exciting for businesses with a mobile information capture requirement.

FIELDFIX is continuing to help you work smarter, not harder!