Practical Job Management Software in the field
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Job management software that field crew want to use. Built to be practical, not just pretty.

When Peter Cooper with over 20 years’ experience in the utilities industry came together with Dave Hale, owner of a specialist software development company he had one wish, a vision for a smart job management system that would allow his field crew to easily administrate his business from the field. Having tried lots of job management software over the years that didn’t do what it said it would, Peter was very specific in what his business needed, indeed what the market needed.

“Smart job management software that the fat fingers and thumbs out there will want to use. The coal face users don’t need pretty, they need practical.”

And that is how FIELDFIX came about. Driven by the needs of the guys in the field, FIELDFIX is an easy-to-use system that manages every aspect of the job from quote to close. It’s so simple to use that it allows everyone in your business to play their part in contributing to business administration. FIELDFIX gives your crew the ability to work smarter, not harder and get the job done.

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