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Knowing which clients are profitable can mean sink or swim for your business!

Everyone knows that having high turnover doesn’t necessarily equate to having good profitability. Of course, there are many cases where your customers, both large and small, are contributing well to your bottom-line in return for the great product or service that you provide. This is the ideal scenario that every business strives for, working in partnership with their clients and ensuring that you both have an ongoing sustainable business model. Unfortunately, the ideal is not always the case as we all know. It’s easy to get swept along keeping up with daily business and lose track of the bigger picture.

That’s where FIELDFIX mobile job management helps you to work smarter.  With its easy-to-use yet comprehensive job management and profit screens, FIELDFIX makes it easy for you stay on top of, not only individual jobs, but the bigger picture at all times, no matter how busy your day gets.

In a nutshell, FIELDFIX tells you which clients are worth the work and which ones aren’t! How? By providing you with the ability to view the profitably of any job, contract or client and it’s makeup at any given stage of their lifecycle.

Here’s what one of our customers, Austin Asphalt has to say.

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