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FIELDFIX automated Timesheet Reporting is a win win for everyone

FIELDFIX mobile Timesheets encourage field crew to capture information as they work. It may help to think of a mobile timesheet as being similar in concept to the old punch card system. Whenever the crew starts on a job they ‘clock in’ using their mobile phone or tablet. In this way the crew can simply clock on to a job as they are setting up. If they forget they can send this clock on in later and FIELDFIX will sort out the ordering and calculate the hours. As well as being user friendly, FIELDFIX Timesheets integrate seamlessly with FIELDFIX Job Management, so that time recorded is also automatically reported to the relevant job.

At FIELDFIX software development never stands still. The innovative wheels are constantly in motion, working closely with customers to find new ways of working smarter not harder in the field and back at the office.

One of the success stories of this way of working is the introduction of FIELDFIX automated Timesheet Reporting.  After changing from paper to FIELDFIX mobile Timesheets, our customer was keen to go one step further and encourage field crew to take responsibility for managing their own Timesheets. We discussed practical ways of sharing information with our customer that would empower field crew to help administrate their business from the field. Out of these discussions was born the practical yet innovative solution for FIELDFIX automated Timesheet Reporting. This enables field crew to receive a report of their Timesheets logged for that week.  The automated report goes straight to their inbox every Friday. Field crew can immediately see if they have missed any Timesheets, giving them the opportunity to update the system before close of payroll. Our customer highlights the benefit of this report is that it puts the admin ownership back on staff, making sure everyone does their bit to help administrate and manage the business from the field.

Our customer has found that since FIELDFIX automated Timesheet Reporting was introduced, they very rarely have to chase missing Timesheets. A win win for everyone wouldn’t you agree?

FIELDFIX ticks all the right boxes not just for field crew but for management too.

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