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Why customer support really does count when implementing new job management software

With so many job management software solutions available in the market today, how do companies choose which one is best for their business? Of course, there are many important factors to consider from cost to “does it really do what I need it to” however, one important point that often gets overlooked is Customer Support. Here are a few reasons why this should rank high on your checklist, because although a lot of companies promise cheap software what you really need to be asking is “when it comes to support, do they have your back?”

Managing culture change

When companies decide to change from existing paper processes they need to feel supported every step of the way. After all, you aren’t just changing paper processes when implementing new software, you are often changing how people work, introducing a new culture. Especially for the guys in the field who, unlike office staff,  are often not experienced with using software to record and report on their daily activities at the coalface.

FIELDFIX job management software is delivered as a service. From the get go, you can expect hands-on customer support throughout from initial deployment right through to helping you make the most of FIELDFIX for years to come.

Furthermore, our thorough approach to implementation provides a low risk platform for managing the overall culture change required for mobile software implementation. FIELDFIX having come from the field understands this and has the toolsets and methodologies in place to assist organisations with getting to grips with this fundamental culture change within a business.

As Peter Cooper, FIELDFIX co-founder says:

“You can buy all sorts of software and leave it to the guys in the field to get to grips with it, but if they don’t buy into it, they’re not going to use it and then you’ve got nothing.”

We’ve got your back

Unlike many job apps, once you’re up and running our customer support doesn’t stop there. We understand that when you have a question, you need a quick response, and that automated “ticket” responses can not only be impersonal but very frustrating when you need an answer fast! That’s why when you call FIELDFIX support, you can be sure to get a reliable, personal response and we won’t keep you waiting.

Experience you can rely on

With over 20 year’s field service experience, we understand the practical needs of our customers. Rather than being a system designed in the office and pushed out to field crew to use, we started in the field and this gives us a unique perspective and understanding that many software companies cannot claim to have. Moreover, we know what works in the field through first-hand experience and we know what doesn’t work also.

So remember, introducing new software may be a serious business but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one. With the right level of customer support and experience, it can be both an enlightening and fun journey too!