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A no-nonsense, practical approach to training that works for your team as well as your budget

From its very beginnings FIELDFIX software was designed to work in any business. Built to offer mobile workforces from all kinds of industries the ability to not only capture but manage data from even the most remote places – the smart way.

As a result of our flexible design approach, we are finding that FIELDFIX is appealing to all sizes as well as all sorts of businesses, near and far. In fact, once they learn what FIELDFIX has to offer and just how easy it is to get up and running and start working smarter not harder; new customers are quick to jump on board! Just this week we welcomed a new customer on board by the end of their first demo, all done remotely.

But it’s not just our software that’s flexible in its design and set up. All too often we find software providers can over complicate the start-up process. At FIELDFIX we prefer the no-nonsense, practical approach to training and support and have put a lot of effort into making it as easy as possible to implement FIELDFIX.

We also understand that downtime is money wasted so when it comes to getting started with FIELDFIX, we guarantee to have your office and field crew up and running and working productively in no time.

What our customers want is a no-nonsense, practical approach to training that works for their team as well as their budget. Who can argue with that? It makes perfect sense to the FIELDFIX team! And once we’ve got you up and running our support doesn’t stop there. We positively encourage our customers old and new, to pick up the phone and talk to us, no matter how small the question may seem. After all, that’s what our support team is here for.

FIELDFIX support – we’re not just about the software, we’ve got your back.