About us

FIELDFIX was born out of the unlikely partnership of a contractor with 20 years hard experience at the coalface and a specialist IT company with strategic expertise in design and software development.

Every stage of the software development was driven by the practical needs of the contractor, the customer telling the IT experts what they needed the system to do and to deliver. It had to be simple for it to succeed so that the fat fingers and thumbs out there would use a system that they believed in and understood.

The end result was FIELDFIX, software designed by the people who use it.

FIELDFIX continues to evolve and adapt daily with the same founding philosophy that everything we do starts in the field.

Software development, support and service, even price are driven by the needs of our customers.

FIELDFIX is smart software for fat fingers, an all-in-one system that gives you all the tools you need to manage and administrate your business from anywhere, any time.