Meet the team

Peter Cooper – Co-founder
Peter has over 20 years experience in contracting and has held a variety of senior management positions throughout the electricity distribution industry. As well as being a co-founder of FIELDFIX Peter has run his own successful and award winning contracting business which provided services to the electrical distribution, telecommunication, street lighting and roading authorities. Peter is often referred to as the front-end brains behind FIELDFIX as it was his coalface expertise, vision and desire to drive efficiencies which helped FIELDFIX come to life. Peter also has trade certifications for electrical distribution and a degree in business administration. Peter’s philosophies include: working smarter, not harder and integrity without excuse.

Dave Hale – Co-founder & Technical Director
Dave has held a number of senior technical and management roles (both locally and internationally) in a wide range of industries including: financial services, telecommunications, energy utilities, and media. The ‘technical guru’ of the FIELDFIX brains trust, Dave is the overall product architect and drives our specialised development team. Prior to co-founding FIELDFIX with Peter, Dave’s history includes senior positions with Intel, AT&T, Nortel, General Motors, Reed Elsevier, Vector and Electrix. His passion is new product development, a core skill that has been put to the test very successfully over the last 20 years and, supported by his core technical team, continues to bring dynamic developments at FIELDFIX.

Sam Peachey-Hale – Administration Manager

In the UK, Sam was the holder of several international sales and marketing roles focused on multi-national corporates and built a career in international product sales throughout Europe. A key go-to person in terms of tender responses and foreign market trade shows, Sam has brought to FIELDFIX a wealth of knowledge and experience in both product positioning and internal business processes. Sam’s role with FIELDFIX touches on every area of the business. She is often referred to as ‘the glue’ that brings all things together. Sam also has a BA(Hons) in Languages for Business majoring in German and Spanish.