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What Dave Hale of FIELDFIX has to say about their Maestrano partnership

We’re excited by the future opportunities for both businesses in partnering FIELDFIX with Maestrano.

Maestrano gains a disruptive new mobile job management oriented software application which strengthens its service offering and broadens the overall value proposition for its clients.

FIELDFIX adds an exciting new channel to market that immediately takes the business into key international markets through one of the world’s leading iPaas providers.

We’re delighted that our two businesses have come together and we are very much looking forward to growing alongside each other over the coming months!

Dave Hale, Technical Director, FIELDFIX Ltd

cloud based system, Cloud Software, Information Management, Integration, Job Management

Working Smarter with FIELDFIX and Maestrano!

One of the key issues businesses with remote or in-the-field workforce’s face is in capturing information as it happens in the field and getting it back to the office in real time, whatever that information may need to be.

Once back at the office however there is often the question of how that information is sorted, reported and then potentially moved on to where it needs to be within the business.

One of the unique things about FIELDFIX is that it provides the ability to capture both structured and unstructured information in the field. Having been built with integration in mind it can also easily feed that information as required to the other areas of a business – from Enterprise level financial systems down to simple legacy in-house databases.

In partnering with Maestrano we are making this even easier for small to medium businesses by providing out of the box integration with all the Apps in the Maestrano iPaas App family. Now FIELDFIX has the ability to communicate information automatically to these applications, providing the opportunity for businesses to utilise a complete business solution from one place, at a cost that is a fraction of the price of what Enterprise Level software usually costs!

With Maestrano rapidly expanding in the North American market, following the trend of the rest of their operations growing faster every day in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia, the number of Apps FIELDFIX now integrates with out of the box is exciting for businesses with a mobile information capture requirement.

FIELDFIX is continuing to help you work smarter, not harder!

FIELDFIX Software as a Service
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FIELDFIX Software as a Service

With so many definitions out there for Software as a Service or Saas, let’s keep it simple. A true Saas is when the software you are using is being managed and hosted by another organisation.  Maintaining, customising and upgrading on-site software is a time-consuming, expensive and risky business. Add to this the burden of ongoing software upgrades and customization, it is understandable why more and more companies are choosing Software as a Service.

Furthermore, the move away from on-site software management to cloud based hosted systems has opened up a whole new level of information management opportunities that were historically out of reach for SME’s. Now all sizes of companies can afford to have the right software systems in place to help them manage and grow their businesses.

So should you jump on board? And if so how do you choose the right Saas provider with so many to choose from?

When you join up with FIELDFIX we guarantee that you’ll get the total experience. With over 20 years’ experience in both the software development and field service industry, FIELDFIX ticks all the boxes. Our technical team work hard to ensure our software remains innovative and responsive to the needs of our customers, delivered in a practical no-nonsense design that leaves your management and field crew wanting to use it.

With FIELDFIX you also don’t need to worry about data security as FIELDFIX has a robust, secure software infrastructure built to Enterprise grade giving you the confidence that your business has maximum data security at all times.

However, we are not just about the software. True to Saas, FIELDFIX is about delivering a great service too. Right from the very start we work closely with our clients to ensure what they want, is what we deliver. From initial business mapping, to set up of their very own system, training and ongoing personal support – we cover it all.

We also understand jumping on board with new technology can be a bit scary at first. That’s why our tailored training programmes ensures a gradual roll out. We find that when broken down into manageable sized chunks, both office and field crew are up and running with FIELDFIX in no time at all.

Contact us and we’ll happily talk you through how it works.

Work collaboratively to get the job done.
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FIELDFIX enables enterprises to work collaboratively to get the job done faster

One of the key benefits for Enterprise businesses adopting cloud technology is that it gives them the ability to work collaboratively to get the job done faster.

Our Corporate View feature is an extension of FIELDFIX Job Management and was developed in response to our customers’ requirements to have real time job progress reporting across multiple contractors in the field. Their need was for a service that enabled them to proactively manage their contractors and receive daily jobs progress.

With FIELDFIX Corporate View, Enterprise companies are set up as a parent site with multiple contractor sites feeding through to them so that they can share real time visibility of how a job is progressing. Contractors like it as job details are synchronised keeping them up-to-date at all times and better still, they can send job details for approval as they happen in the field so they can keep on working.

Corporate View is a unique feature to FIELDFIX and allows companies to pro-actively manage their contractors and accurately track costs vs revenue per job. FIELDFIX helps your business get more out of cloud technology to drive your growth and profitability. Now that’s working smarter!

If you’d like to know more about FIELDFIX Corporate View contact us and have a chat about how it could benefit your business.

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FIELDFIX is smart software that really does work in any business

More recently, we’ve been attracting attention from all sorts of specialist industries near and far including security, electrical, logistics and transport. It’s really exciting to see how our FIELDFIX job management software is evolving to provide a wide range of businesses with a solution for their data capture and management needs.

More and more we’re hearing how we’re really good at getting the right information, to the right people, from anywhere, any time.

So if you feel like you are struggling under the burden of paper reporting systems, or finding it hard to  capture the information you need from the field and get it back into the business efficiently and instantly,  get in touch with the FIELDFIX team.

We’d love to hear more about your needs and welcome the opportunity to get you and your team working smarter, not harder. And of course it goes without saying, as is the FIELDFIX approach, we will support you every step of the way!

Contact us

Scheduling & dispatch
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Job management software that does what you need it to

There are many software systems and apps out there claiming they can do this and that for your business. Most of them probably can, but do your research first. Will you have to buy add-ons for it to do what you really need it to do? How easy is it to use? Will it integrate easily with your existing business systems?

The difference between FIELDFIX and other job management systems is that our product design initially focussed on the practical needs of field crew, and how we could best help them capture information in the field. “It had to be simple for it to succeed, so that the fat fingers and thumbs out there would use a system they believed in and understood,” said Peter Cooper, FIELDFIX GM.

From there, FIELDFIX has evolved to meet both the demands of the guys in the field as well as the complexities of managing a business with data analysis, real time business reporting, project management, scheduling, dispatch, information management and much more.

Tried and tested by field crew, office admin and business owners, and on-going consultation with our customers, means FIELDFIX software really does do what you need it to. It’s software that works, driven by the practical needs of the people who use it.

Get the job accepted before you've driven off site!
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FIELDFIX is much more than just job management software

Did you know that FIELDFIX does a whole lot more than just job management? Sure its design origins started in job management with the focus on getting data from the field to the office in seconds. Since then, FIELDFIX has evolved into much more than a smart mobile job management system.

Every business is different and has its own specific data capture needs. It’s not just about making do with what you’ve got, and at FIELDFIX we understand that.

With the introduction of FIELDFIX Custom Forms, our customers are not limited to pre-defined data capture fields. Rather you tell us what information you need to capture, and we will sort it quickly and without the usual high development costs customisation attracts.

FIELDFIX Smart software for fat fingers. Enabling all sorts of businesses to get the right information, to the right people, from anywhere, any time.

Send timesheets from anwhere, any time
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Embrace technology not run from it, to get ahead in business

To get ahead in this modern digital era, businesses need to embrace the smart new technology available to them, not run from it. It is inevitable that mobile and cloud based systems will eventually make paper based systems a thing of the past, however for many, it’s still a pretty daunting idea and understandably so. It’s not just about finding and purchasing the right software for your needs, and then making the switchover, it’s a cultural change for your business. It involves re-training your staff, changing and adapting your processes, and more importantly your staff need to believe in it and use it, because if they don’t, you’ve got nothing!

That’s why here at FIELDFIX we’ve got your back. Not only do we ensure that we can provide the right software for your needs, but we also support its implementation every step of the way. We will advise you from the initial set up, right through to training your staff on-site and providing on-going technical support. You can pick up the phone and call us anytime, we’re here to help.

So give us a call on 0800 FIELDFIX and have a chat about your needs today. Too often we hear our customers say “I wish I’d done this a year ago.”

Read more about FIELDFIX Support and how we can help you do business better.