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Put FIELDFIX Audit Forms at the top of your checklist

How cool is this? FIELDFIX Audit Forms can take your big, complex, multi-page compliance wad of paperwork and put it neatly inside a handheld device, so you can complete it quickly and easily on-site!

There really is no limit to the information FIELDFIX can collect from the field. You can use it for large checklists like site audits, health and safety checks, conflicts checklists, client and job checklists, hazard ID, job start forms, complex plant checks (i.e. EWPs), basically any lengthy form with lots of yes/no questions.

FIELDFIX Audit Forms are so much more than just a ‘write your own online form’ as the data collected is automatically fed into our Job Management software which stores all job/client related data together, and can be readily accessed via one easy-to-view screen.

We recognise that not every business operates the same, so our Audit Forms are fully flexible for you to do it your way and make them specific to your company using the language that your guys in the field understand.

Moreover, FIELDIX Audit Forms also has the ability to accept up to 4 signatures for approval or confirmation that the information has been read, or is correct.

Our clients that are currently using our Audit Forms have found that they work well together with our Dropbox integration. Once the form has been completed, for example a site checklist, or health and safety risk assessment, it can be easily published and uploaded onto Dropbox from the FIELDFIX web interface. You can then create a link to that document on the mobile job form that is sent out to your field crew devices. Crew can then open, read, and then sign that the document has been read and understood, all done on just their smartphones while on-site.

Keep complex paper forms out of sight on your work-site. FIELDFIX makes it simple so your field crew can just get on with the job.

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Send timesheets from anwhere, any time
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Why field crew and business owners give FIELDFIX job management software the big thumbs up!

One of the key benefits customers really like about FIELDFIX job management software is just how easy it is to use in the field.  From the very beginnings FIELDFIX product development has focussed on the practical needs of field crew and how we can best help them capture the information from the field in real time and get it back to where the business needs it. Peter Cooper, GM FIELDFIX with over 20 years’ experience in the civil and utilities contracting industry emphasizes that: “The coal face doesn’t need pretty, they need practical.”

As well as being practical for field crew, one of the other key benefits business owners and management alike value is the systems flexibility. In order to stay ahead of the game, businesses need to be able to adapt to change quickly. FIELDFIX job management offers complete flexibility to scale up or down to suit your business needs. Built to work in any business FIELDFIX caters for small companies with minimal users up to large international organisations where managing multiple contractors and complex jobs in real time is crucial.

FIELDFIX ticks all the right boxes not just for field crew but for management too.


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Stop your business leaking cash with FIELDFIX Event Management mobility software

When you’re completing a job, it goes without saying that it’s important to make sure you get paid for the work you’ve done. More often than not, jobs can expand with unforeseen complexities. How do you track unplanned events without holding up the job’s progress? Whilst it’s not always possible to predict ad-hoc events, what’s important is making sure your field crew have the tools they need to report changes accurately and professionally, as it happens.

In keeping with our philosophy of working smarter not harder, FIELDFIX Event Management makes reporting unplanned events in the field quick and simple. Using smartphones and tablets, field crew take photos, enter descriptions; make sketches, even sketch on photos, it really is that simple! FIELDFIX then merges all photographic and text evidence into professional customer reports in seconds, making light work of reporting in the field from anywhere, any time.

Furthermore, FIELDFIX Event Management works seamlessly with FIELDFIX Job Management, automatically storing Event Reports to the corresponding job so that months or even years later you can easily access your job history with just a few clicks. Now that’s working smart!

Find out more about FIELDFIX Event Management, and stop your business leaking cash!

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Knowing which clients are profitable can mean sink or swim for your business!

Everyone knows that having high turnover doesn’t necessarily equate to having good profitability. Of course, there are many cases where your customers, both large and small, are contributing well to your bottom-line in return for the great product or service that you provide. This is the ideal scenario that every business strives for, working in partnership with their clients and ensuring that you both have an ongoing sustainable business model. Unfortunately, the ideal is not always the case as we all know. It’s easy to get swept along keeping up with daily business and lose track of the bigger picture.

That’s where FIELDFIX mobile job management helps you to work smarter.  With its easy-to-use yet comprehensive job management and profit screens, FIELDFIX makes it easy for you stay on top of, not only individual jobs, but the bigger picture at all times, no matter how busy your day gets.

In a nutshell, FIELDFIX tells you which clients are worth the work and which ones aren’t! How? By providing you with the ability to view the profitably of any job, contract or client and it’s makeup at any given stage of their lifecycle.

Here’s what one of our customers, Austin Asphalt has to say.

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Work smarter, not harder
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Maestrano network gains disruptive new mobile job management software

FIELDFIX is very excited about its recent channel partnership with Maestrano, an advanced cloud computing service that brings together and connects the best software solutions for small and medium businesses.

Amongst the many benefits this new channel partnership brings, top of list for FIELDFIX is the opportunity to spread its wings further into the global market and introduce its disruptive job management software directly to the coal face, where the users need practical software solutions not just pretty ones.

Real disruptive technology is about offering an innovation that transforms a complicated, expensive product into one that is easier to use, or is more affordable that the one most readily available.

That’s why FIELDFIX are proud to continue with their founding vision, keep innovating, keep developing smart new features, but with the emphasis always being practical software that field crews will want to use!

Contact us today to find out more.

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Job management software that field crew want to use. Built to be practical, not just pretty.

When Peter Cooper with over 20 years’ experience in the utilities industry came together with Dave Hale, owner of a specialist software development company he had one wish, a vision for a smart job management system that would allow his field crew to easily administrate his business from the field. Having tried lots of job management software over the years that didn’t do what it said it would, Peter was very specific in what his business needed, indeed what the market needed.

“Smart job management software that the fat fingers and thumbs out there will want to use. The coal face users don’t need pretty, they need practical.”

And that is how FIELDFIX came about. Driven by the needs of the guys in the field, FIELDFIX is an easy-to-use system that manages every aspect of the job from quote to close. It’s so simple to use that it allows everyone in your business to play their part in contributing to business administration. FIELDFIX gives your crew the ability to work smarter, not harder and get the job done.

Visit FIELDFIX Job Management to find out more.

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What Dave Hale of FIELDFIX has to say about their Maestrano partnership

We’re excited by the future opportunities for both businesses in partnering FIELDFIX with Maestrano.

Maestrano gains a disruptive new mobile job management oriented software application which strengthens its service offering and broadens the overall value proposition for its clients.

FIELDFIX adds an exciting new channel to market that immediately takes the business into key international markets through one of the world’s leading iPaas providers.

We’re delighted that our two businesses have come together and we are very much looking forward to growing alongside each other over the coming months!

Dave Hale, Technical Director, FIELDFIX Ltd

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Working Smarter with FIELDFIX and Maestrano!

One of the key issues businesses with remote or in-the-field workforce’s face is in capturing information as it happens in the field and getting it back to the office in real time, whatever that information may need to be.

Once back at the office however there is often the question of how that information is sorted, reported and then potentially moved on to where it needs to be within the business.

One of the unique things about FIELDFIX is that it provides the ability to capture both structured and unstructured information in the field. Having been built with integration in mind it can also easily feed that information as required to the other areas of a business – from Enterprise level financial systems down to simple legacy in-house databases.

In partnering with Maestrano we are making this even easier for small to medium businesses by providing out of the box integration with all the Apps in the Maestrano iPaas App family. Now FIELDFIX has the ability to communicate information automatically to these applications, providing the opportunity for businesses to utilise a complete business solution from one place, at a cost that is a fraction of the price of what Enterprise Level software usually costs!

With Maestrano rapidly expanding in the North American market, following the trend of the rest of their operations growing faster every day in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia, the number of Apps FIELDFIX now integrates with out of the box is exciting for businesses with a mobile information capture requirement.

FIELDFIX is continuing to help you work smarter, not harder!

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Implementing new cloud software, when experience really does count

When companies decide to change from existing paper processes in favour of a new “cloud” software or “software as a service” they need to feel supported every step of the way. After all, you aren’t just changing paper processes when implementing a new software, you are often changing how people work, introducing a new culture. Especially for the guys in the field who, unlike office staff,  are often not experienced with using software to record and report on their daily activities at the coalface.

That first step can often be scary for new businesses, big and small. Staff can feel under pressure and out of their depth when learning new technology.  And that’s when choosing a service provider with experience really does count. You want to make sure that the software you choose really does do what you need it to, and that the implementation process is discussed and agreed in advance so that every stage is clear and meets your organisational needs in terms of roll out, time scales and cost.

FIELDFIX is a stable, robust, tried and tested mobile information capture system which empowers your field crew to record the information your business needs, as it happens in the field, and even from the most remote places. Much more than just a data capture system, FIELDFIX then gets your information to where it’s needed, in real time and in the format that makes managing your daily activities and business easy.

Moreover, we know what works in the field through first-hand experience and we know what doesn’t work also. Rather than being a system designed in the office and pushed out to field crew to use, we started in the field and this gives us a unique perspective and understanding that many software companies cannot claim to have.

Backed by the best of breed servers, data security and our highly experienced team of IT specialists dedicated to getting it right for you first time, you can rest assured we have your back covered.

Our thorough approach to implementation provides a low risk platform for managing the overall culture change required for mobile software implementation. FIELDFIX having come from the field understands this and has the toolsets and methodologies in place to assist organisations with getting to grips with this fundamental culture change within their business.

Introducing change and new software systems may be a serious business but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one. When working with the right partner, it can be an enlightening, exciting and fun journey!

Read more about FIELDFIX Support and how we have got your back covered every step of the way.

“Compared to where we were when we first made the decision to implement FIELDFIX we’re worlds apart… it’s just magic!” – Managing Director – Austin Asphalt Ltd

“Once the decision was made to roll out FIELDFIX to the ground staff everyone from the FIELDFIX team pitched in to ensure that all training and roll out went as smoothly as possible. The FIELDFIX team responded with confidence and a great ‘can do’ attitude to all queries and tweaks.” – Operations Management – Treescape NZ Ltd