Capture job variations in the field and stop your business leaking cash
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Professional incident reports and automated alerts from the field in seconds

In keeping with our philosophy of working smarter not harder, FIELDFIX Event Management makes reporting unplanned events in the field quick and simple. Using smartphones and tablets, field crew take photos, enter descriptions; make sketches, even sketch on photos, it really is that simple.

FIELDFIX then merges all photographic and text evidence into professional customer reports in seconds, making light work of reporting in the field from anywhere, any time.

At a glance here are some examples of FIELDFIX Event Management Reports:

  •       Incident injury report:  for events causing injury
  •       Incident report: for events causing damage
  •       Evidence report: to record a note against a job
  •       Issue report: for events causing difficulty in completing work
  •       Variation report: to record a change in work scope

FIELDFIX automatically merges photos and text captured in the field into a professional PDF report in seconds.

Automated injury alert

When it comes to reporting an injury, FIELDFIX keeps your business up to date alerting management immediately of the situation. As soon as an injury is submitted from the field, FIELDFIX Event Management sends an automated “alert” to whoever is listed in the system as the key contact for the injured person, e.g. their manager or team leader.

Everything filed in one place

FIELDFIX files event reports to the relevant job keeping everything you need in one place. Our customers love this practical approach to business reporting.

Customised event reporting

What’s more with FIELDFIX Custom Fields you can easily customise data captured in the field, so that it fits perfectly with your business reporting needs. There really is no limit to what you can achieve with FIELDFIX Event Management.

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Put FIELDFIX Audit Forms at the top of your checklist

How cool is this? FIELDFIX Audit Forms can take your big, complex, multi-page compliance wad of paperwork and put it neatly inside a handheld device, so you can complete it quickly and easily on-site!

There really is no limit to the information FIELDFIX can collect from the field. You can use it for large checklists like site audits, health and safety checks, conflicts checklists, client and job checklists, hazard ID, job start forms, complex plant checks (i.e. EWPs), basically any lengthy form with lots of yes/no questions.

FIELDFIX Audit Forms are so much more than just a ‘write your own online form’ as the data collected is automatically fed into our Job Management software which stores all job/client related data together, and can be readily accessed via one easy-to-view screen.

We recognise that not every business operates the same, so our Audit Forms are fully flexible for you to do it your way and make them specific to your company using the language that your guys in the field understand.

Moreover, FIELDIX Audit Forms also has the ability to accept up to 4 signatures for approval or confirmation that the information has been read, or is correct.

Our clients that are currently using our Audit Forms have found that they work well together with our Dropbox integration. Once the form has been completed, for example a site checklist, or health and safety risk assessment, it can be easily published and uploaded onto Dropbox from the FIELDFIX web interface. You can then create a link to that document on the mobile job form that is sent out to your field crew devices. Crew can then open, read, and then sign that the document has been read and understood, all done on just their smartphones while on-site.

Keep complex paper forms out of sight on your work-site. FIELDFIX makes it simple so your field crew can just get on with the job.

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Work smarter, not harder
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Maestrano network gains disruptive new mobile job management software

FIELDFIX is very excited about its recent channel partnership with Maestrano, an advanced cloud computing service that brings together and connects the best software solutions for small and medium businesses.

Amongst the many benefits this new channel partnership brings, top of list for FIELDFIX is the opportunity to spread its wings further into the global market and introduce its disruptive job management software directly to the coal face, where the users need practical software solutions not just pretty ones.

Real disruptive technology is about offering an innovation that transforms a complicated, expensive product into one that is easier to use, or is more affordable that the one most readily available.

That’s why FIELDFIX are proud to continue with their founding vision, keep innovating, keep developing smart new features, but with the emphasis always being practical software that field crews will want to use!

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What Dave Hale of FIELDFIX has to say about their Maestrano partnership

We’re excited by the future opportunities for both businesses in partnering FIELDFIX with Maestrano.

Maestrano gains a disruptive new mobile job management oriented software application which strengthens its service offering and broadens the overall value proposition for its clients.

FIELDFIX adds an exciting new channel to market that immediately takes the business into key international markets through one of the world’s leading iPaas providers.

We’re delighted that our two businesses have come together and we are very much looking forward to growing alongside each other over the coming months!

Dave Hale, Technical Director, FIELDFIX Ltd

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Exciting times ahead with Maestrano integration

FIELDFIX’s imminent launch with one of the world’s leading iPaas providers offers immediate potential benefits to both existing and new customers as well as an exciting opportunity to take another kiwi company on to the global stage.

In partnering with Maestrano customers will have the ability to integrate out-of-the-box with existing or potentially beneficial Apps from within the Maestrano family. Whether it is accounting software like Xero or MYOB, Payroll systems like Smart Payroll, or CRM systems like vTiger, FIELDFIX automatically integrates with all Apps in the Maestrano eco-system.

This really is exceptionally exciting times for everyone! Our customers will be able to benefit from a whole new range of great business solutions to help them stay ahead of the game. At the same time Maestrano offers FIELDFIX the opportunity to gain foreign market presence in the UK, US, Australian and Middle Eastern Markets.

Want to know more? Contact us and the FIELDFIX team will be happy get you up to speed on how it all works.

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Working Smarter with FIELDFIX and Maestrano!

One of the key issues businesses with remote or in-the-field workforce’s face is in capturing information as it happens in the field and getting it back to the office in real time, whatever that information may need to be.

Once back at the office however there is often the question of how that information is sorted, reported and then potentially moved on to where it needs to be within the business.

One of the unique things about FIELDFIX is that it provides the ability to capture both structured and unstructured information in the field. Having been built with integration in mind it can also easily feed that information as required to the other areas of a business – from Enterprise level financial systems down to simple legacy in-house databases.

In partnering with Maestrano we are making this even easier for small to medium businesses by providing out of the box integration with all the Apps in the Maestrano iPaas App family. Now FIELDFIX has the ability to communicate information automatically to these applications, providing the opportunity for businesses to utilise a complete business solution from one place, at a cost that is a fraction of the price of what Enterprise Level software usually costs!

With Maestrano rapidly expanding in the North American market, following the trend of the rest of their operations growing faster every day in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia, the number of Apps FIELDFIX now integrates with out of the box is exciting for businesses with a mobile information capture requirement.

FIELDFIX is continuing to help you work smarter, not harder!


Integration is even simpler with FIELDFIX and Maestrano!

Integration is easy with FIELDFIX. Our software development is not about taking over the world, but about helping your business work smarter, not harder. That’s why integration with other business systems plays such a key role in our on-going product development. In February we’ll be making it even easier for our clients to integrate FIELDFIX and their business applications by partnering with one of the world’s leading App integration platform providers – Maestrano.

What is Maestrano? Maestrano is a cloud based platform that provides best of breed applications at an affordable price for small and medium businesses. Their aim is to provide the same integrated solutions large companies use, at a fraction of the price.

It’s a FREE service that synchronizes data from all of your business apps, and makes it accessible via a single dashboard. Think of it as a new control centre for your business!

Fieldfix-screenshot (2)
FIELDFIX is now essentially sharing data with QuickBooks, Xero, MYOB and other well-known applications. This means that if you create an invoice in one of these systems, you do not need to manually input the information captured in FIELDFIX to replicate it in your other systems.

Now it’s even easier to get information from the field to where it needs to be, with FIELDFIX and Maestrano.

FIELDFIX, Accounting, Payroll, CRM, you name it… bring your favourite business applications together in one place!

Find out more about FIELDFIX at

Find out more about Maestrano at

Two unlikely companies come together
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Reliability, Integration and Control, 3 key factors when choosing your cloud-software

A recent article on cloud computing and how to choose the right service partner for your business highlighted 3 key components to keep in mind during your search process: reliability, integration and control. We decided to take a closer look at what they had to say and share how FIELDFIX compares.

1. Reliability: “The consistent reliability of IT services is crucial for any business.”

We couldn’t agree more. When the system your business depends on shuts down it can cause all kinds of stress, not to mention the actual cost of downtime. That’s why at FIELDFIX our hosted infrastructure includes best of breed servers, redundancy, data recovery and data security.

Furthermore, FIELDFIX’s core design was founded on the philosophy that everything we do is to help our customers work smarter, not harder, so that they can stay ahead of the game. That’s why we made sure our smart software works offline. So if your field crew is out in a remote area without cellphone coverage FIELDFIX still works, capturing the information ready for sending when the crew is back in coverage. This means things aren’t going to be missed just because a job is exceptionally remote.

When it comes to providing a consistent, reliable service, our customers are confident to leave IT to us. We take care of the “geeky” stuff, leaving you to get on with doing business.

2. Integration:  “integration of cloud services can introduce a host of new support, billing and management complexities”

With over 20 years’ experience in software design and development we understand the importance of integrating new systems with your current business operations. FIELDFIX was built to integrate and integration continues to play a key role in our ongoing product development. We welcome the opportunity to work actively with your existing software suppliers to ensure all systems talk to each other, just the way you want it.

3. Control: “controlling and managing your new cloud services should not create an additional burden on your IT team”

At FIELDFIX we’re not just about the software. We understand that implementing new software is a cultural change for your business. It involves re-training your staff, changing and adapting your processes, and more importantly your team need to believe in it and want to use it, because if they don’t, you’ve got nothing!  When customers come on board with FIELDFIX we personalize our training programmes to suit your business needs. Our hands-on training and support make sure your guys are up and running in no time.

Whilst we certainly don’t presume to be the best at everything, we are confident that FIELDFIX is, without a doubt, a stable, robust, tried and proven software solution. Our customers can rest easy that when it comes to reliability, integration and control FIELDFIX ticks all the boxes.

Source: comparethecloud, 11 Aug 2015, Maximizing the value of the cloud Read more

FIELDFIX has been built to integrate and add on.
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FIELDFIX now integrates with Ace Payroll

Integration is easy with FIELDFIX. We’ve now added Ace Payroll to the list of other software products that we happily talk with. Our software development is not about taking over the world, but about helping your business work smarter, not harder. That’s why integration with other business systems plays such a key role in our on-going product development. If you have anything you need to integrate, give us a call on 0508  FIELDFIX.

“All business processes and requirements were effortlessly incorporated in the FIELDFIX system for seamless integration into our existing business structure. We are constantly looking forward to further developments and always enjoy a coffee with the FIELDFIX team.”

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