Capture job variations in the field and stop your business leaking cash
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Professional incident reports and automated alerts from the field in seconds

In keeping with our philosophy of working smarter not harder, FIELDFIX Event Management makes reporting unplanned events in the field quick and simple. Using smartphones and tablets, field crew take photos, enter descriptions; make sketches, even sketch on photos, it really is that simple.

FIELDFIX then merges all photographic and text evidence into professional customer reports in seconds, making light work of reporting in the field from anywhere, any time.

At a glance here are some examples of FIELDFIX Event Management Reports:

  •       Incident injury report:  for events causing injury
  •       Incident report: for events causing damage
  •       Evidence report: to record a note against a job
  •       Issue report: for events causing difficulty in completing work
  •       Variation report: to record a change in work scope

FIELDFIX automatically merges photos and text captured in the field into a professional PDF report in seconds.

Automated injury alert

When it comes to reporting an injury, FIELDFIX keeps your business up to date alerting management immediately of the situation. As soon as an injury is submitted from the field, FIELDFIX Event Management sends an automated “alert” to whoever is listed in the system as the key contact for the injured person, e.g. their manager or team leader.

Everything filed in one place

FIELDFIX files event reports to the relevant job keeping everything you need in one place. Our customers love this practical approach to business reporting.

Customised event reporting

What’s more with FIELDFIX Custom Fields you can easily customise data captured in the field, so that it fits perfectly with your business reporting needs. There really is no limit to what you can achieve with FIELDFIX Event Management.

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Real time business reporting
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Empowering your staff through smart business reporting

At FIELDFIX we are always looking for new innovative features to help our customers stay ahead of the game. One of our key differences lies in the fact that our product design has always focussed on the practical needs of field crew and how we can best help them capture information from the field. As Peter Cooper, co-founder of FIELDFIX says “It has to be simple for it to succeed”.

Today, our software development continues to be driven by the people who use it, because we strongly believe that empowering staff to want to work more efficiently and giving them the tools they need to report their work efficiently and effortlessly, is key to a successful business.

A great example of this is the FIELDFIX Productivity report, driven by one of our innovative customers. Its introduction has allowed our customer to really stay on top of their business by managing staff productivity and jobs from 1,000s of miles away, with automated daily reports emailed directly to their inbox. Now that’s smart!

So if you have any great ideas, get in contact with us! We find that once our customers get a taste for what FIELDFIX can do, they can’t wait to help drive the product capabilities to new levels of efficiency and that’s exactly what we love!

Read more about FIELDFIX business reporting.

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Does having smart systems in place help free up time for the important things like your people?

An article caught my attention this week that discussed the importance of listening to others when they are raising an issue of concern. Whether it’s friends, family or work colleagues, it highlighted that all too often we can trivialise other people’s concerns because it doesn’t seem important enough, in our opinion, to cause stress. The key point of note being;

“Every person’s “benchmark” for stress is different.”

(source: Mindfood, Trival Tribulations, Dr Emily O’Leary)

With our daily workloads and ever expanding “to do” lists it’s all too easy to get bogged down in the details and not make time to deal with one of the most important areas of your business – your staff. So when it comes to looking after your people and decreasing their daily stresses, does having smart systems in place help?

We spoke to one of our customers, FTTX Services, who utilises FIELDFIX automated Productivity Reporting to proactively empower their staff to want to work more efficiently. By giving them the tools they need their people are able to easily report their awesome work in the field to management. This kind of proactive, supportive approach has really helped FTTX expand their business and made work life so much more enjoyable and easier for their staff.

So, in an ever increasing tough market place, surely every additional competitive advantage a business can weld is of benefit to both the business and its staff. Finding solutions to help your people work smarter not harder, has surely got to be a win win for everyone. Freeing up invaluable time, enabling you to focus on the more important things in business like your people.

Case study: FTTX Services