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Knowing which clients are profitable can mean sink or swim for your business!

Everyone knows that having high turnover doesn’t necessarily equate to having good profitability. Of course, there are many cases where your customers, both large and small, are contributing well to your bottom-line in return for the great product or service that you provide. This is the ideal scenario that every business strives for, working in partnership with their clients and ensuring that you both have an ongoing sustainable business model. Unfortunately, the ideal is not always the case as we all know. It’s easy to get swept along keeping up with daily business and lose track of the bigger picture.

That’s where FIELDFIX mobile job management helps you to work smarter.  With its easy-to-use yet comprehensive job management and profit screens, FIELDFIX makes it easy for you stay on top of, not only individual jobs, but the bigger picture at all times, no matter how busy your day gets.

In a nutshell, FIELDFIX tells you which clients are worth the work and which ones aren’t! How? By providing you with the ability to view the profitably of any job, contract or client and it’s makeup at any given stage of their lifecycle.

Here’s what one of our customers, Austin Asphalt has to say.

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Real time business reporting
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With FIELDFIX you can easily access your data from yesterday, a month or even years ago

Did you know that lost information at work is estimated to cost the UK economy £15BN every year!

That’s why with FIELDFIX smart mobility software, we ensure that the information you store is just as easily accessible, no matter when the data was captured be it yesterday, a month ago or even years ago.

We recognise that there is nothing more frustrating than having information buried in your software system that you’re unable to get your hands on. Your staff begins to view it like a “black hole” once information goes in, it never comes out!

At FIELDFIX we are passionate about a lot of things. We are very proud that FIELDFIX is fast becoming a Best of Breed mobile information system, recognised for getting the right information, to the right people, from anywhere, anytime. We are also committed to helping businesses work smarter not harder.

So, if you are starting your journey in searching for a smart cloud-based software solution, make sure that the information you want to capture can be just as easily accessed. Remember though, gaining information is only a small part of the process, knowing how to store, access and utilise data, is critical to the success or failure of your business.

Read more about how FIELDFIX makes sense of information the easy way with practical, no non-sense business reporting.

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What Dave Hale of FIELDFIX has to say about their Maestrano partnership

We’re excited by the future opportunities for both businesses in partnering FIELDFIX with Maestrano.

Maestrano gains a disruptive new mobile job management oriented software application which strengthens its service offering and broadens the overall value proposition for its clients.

FIELDFIX adds an exciting new channel to market that immediately takes the business into key international markets through one of the world’s leading iPaas providers.

We’re delighted that our two businesses have come together and we are very much looking forward to growing alongside each other over the coming months!

Dave Hale, Technical Director, FIELDFIX Ltd

Merry Christmas, mobility software

A big thank you to the FIELDFIX family

When it comes to running a successful business, we can all agree that whilst having smart systems in place certainly helps transform your business’ capabilities, your most valuable assets will always be your people, because behind every successful business, is a fantastic team.

The same can certainly be said for the FIELDFIX team. All very different in characters, skillsets and the experience that they bring to FIELDFIX, but throw us all together and something pretty magical happens.

So whilst the FIELDFIX product continues to “wow” me with its continually expanding capabilities as a smart mobile software solution, keeping that practical usability style that our customer have grown to love and expect, what still gives me the greatest satisfaction and enjoyment is working with my outstanding, hardworking team, who are always prepared to go that extra mile to help both their colleagues and our customers.

But at FIELDFIX we don’t just see our team as the FIELDFIX family, because the other half of what makes a successful business is having great customers who support and work with you to achieve your common goals.

FIELDFIX is all about working smarter, not harder. We find that once our FIELDFIX customers get a taste for this, they can’t wait to drive FIELDFIX product capabilities to new levels of efficiency and that’s exactly what we love.

We have thoroughly enjoyed 2015 and look forward to what 2016 will bring. With the combined effort of our FIELDFIX team and customers working together, we certainly make a powerful team!

Merry Christmas to the FIELDFIX family, see you in the New Year!

Find out more and meet the team.

Written by Sam Peachey-Hale, FIELDFIX


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FIELDFIX is smart software that really does work in any business

More recently, we’ve been attracting attention from all sorts of specialist industries near and far including security, electrical, logistics and transport. It’s really exciting to see how our FIELDFIX job management software is evolving to provide a wide range of businesses with a solution for their data capture and management needs.

More and more we’re hearing how we’re really good at getting the right information, to the right people, from anywhere, any time.

So if you feel like you are struggling under the burden of paper reporting systems, or finding it hard to  capture the information you need from the field and get it back into the business efficiently and instantly,  get in touch with the FIELDFIX team.

We’d love to hear more about your needs and welcome the opportunity to get you and your team working smarter, not harder. And of course it goes without saying, as is the FIELDFIX approach, we will support you every step of the way!

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Scheduling & dispatch
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Job management software that does what you need it to

There are many software systems and apps out there claiming they can do this and that for your business. Most of them probably can, but do your research first. Will you have to buy add-ons for it to do what you really need it to do? How easy is it to use? Will it integrate easily with your existing business systems?

The difference between FIELDFIX and other job management systems is that our product design initially focussed on the practical needs of field crew, and how we could best help them capture information in the field. “It had to be simple for it to succeed, so that the fat fingers and thumbs out there would use a system they believed in and understood,” said Peter Cooper, FIELDFIX GM.

From there, FIELDFIX has evolved to meet both the demands of the guys in the field as well as the complexities of managing a business with data analysis, real time business reporting, project management, scheduling, dispatch, information management and much more.

Tried and tested by field crew, office admin and business owners, and on-going consultation with our customers, means FIELDFIX software really does do what you need it to. It’s software that works, driven by the practical needs of the people who use it.

Get the job accepted before you've driven off site!
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FIELDFIX is much more than just job management software

Did you know that FIELDFIX does a whole lot more than just job management? Sure its design origins started in job management with the focus on getting data from the field to the office in seconds. Since then, FIELDFIX has evolved into much more than a smart mobile job management system.

Every business is different and has its own specific data capture needs. It’s not just about making do with what you’ve got, and at FIELDFIX we understand that.

With the introduction of FIELDFIX Custom Forms, our customers are not limited to pre-defined data capture fields. Rather you tell us what information you need to capture, and we will sort it quickly and without the usual high development costs customisation attracts.

FIELDFIX Smart software for fat fingers. Enabling all sorts of businesses to get the right information, to the right people, from anywhere, any time.