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The important things that set FIELDFIX apart from the rest

Unique beginnings

FIELDFIX was born out of the unlikely partnership of a contractor with 20 years hard experience at the coal face and a specialist IT company with strategic expertise in design and software development. Every stage of the software development was driven by the practical needs of the contractor, the customer telling the IT experts what they needed the system to do and to deliver. About Us

Changing the focus of traditional job management development

Rather than being a system designed in the office and pushed out to field crew to use, we started in the field and this gives us a unique perspective and understanding that many software companies cannot claim to have. Moreover, we know what works in the field through first-hand experience and we know what doesn’t work also.

Keeping it simple

Peter Cooper, Co-founder with over 20 years’ experience in the utilities industry was very clear about what he wanted, what was missing in the market:

“Smart job management software that the fat fingers and thumbs out there will want to use. The coal face users don’t need pretty, they need practical.”

FIELDFIX – it’s so simple to use that it allows everyone in your business to play their part in contributing to business administration. FIELDFIX gives your crew the ability to work smarter, not harder and get the job done.

Keeping it smart

With its easy-to-use yet comprehensive job management and profit screens, FIELDFIX tells you which clients are worth the work and which ones aren’t! How? By providing you with the ability to view the profitably of any job, contract or client and it’s makeup at any given stage of their lifecycle. Knowing which clients are profitable can mean sink or swim for your business

Much more than just job management software

More and more we’re hearing how we are really good at getting the right information, to the right people, from anywhere, any time. With the emphasis always on flexibility for our customers and the ability to customise any mobile form – fast! FIELDFIX much more than just job management software

Integration, “think partners not replacements”

Our philosophy is built around utilising the best solution for each business requirement rather than a “take over the world” approach.  FIELDFIX has made it even simpler for our clients to integrate FIELDFIX and their business applications by partnering with one of the world’s leading App integration platform providers – Maestrano. FIELDFIX job management, Accounting, Payroll, CRM, you name it; bring your favourite business applications together in one place! Built to integrate 

We’ve got your back

Unlike many job apps, once you’re up and running our customer support doesn’t stop there. We understand that when you have a question, you need a quick response, and that automated “ticket” responses can not only be impersonal but very frustrating when you need an answer fast! That’s why when you call FIELDFIX support, you can be sure to get a reliable, personal response and we won’t keep you waiting. There’s no going back now….we can’t live without it”

Training and Support

Meet Adrian, with his honest and upfront approach what’s not to like about him!

Adrian joined our hard-working crazy team last year and has fitted right in. He’s the kind of guy that gets on well with everyone and has a way about him that makes him very approachable. While Adrian is responsible for the overall sales strategy and delivery at FIELDFIX, he’s certainly not all about work and has been known to enjoy a good rum! (or two)

There are many likeable qualities about Adrian. Customers old and new like his professional, honest and upfront approach. He is always ready to listen and offer a well-considered opinion. Adrian also brings a wealth of business experience to FIELDFIX. Previously, he was the CEO of an award winning cloud based software company and was personally instrumental in it being named in both the Deloitte Asia-Pacific Tech 500 and Deloitte New Zealand Fast 50 Awards for business growth.

Adrian is passionate about intelligent and fast moving technology solutions, part of what brought him to FIELDFIX! He also sits on the executive of a non-profit organisation, assisting with governance and direction. He is strategic, does his homework and sees the bigger picture.

Adrian has the right personality to grow a business and is a fantastic person to work with. Cheers Adrian, time for a rum?

Next week we’ll be introducing Pete, who as you’ll soon find out is truly “one of kind.” In the meantime, visit meet the team to find out more.

Two unlikely companies come together
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Reliability, Integration and Control, 3 key factors when choosing your cloud-software

A recent article on cloud computing and how to choose the right service partner for your business highlighted 3 key components to keep in mind during your search process: reliability, integration and control. We decided to take a closer look at what they had to say and share how FIELDFIX compares.

1. Reliability: “The consistent reliability of IT services is crucial for any business.”

We couldn’t agree more. When the system your business depends on shuts down it can cause all kinds of stress, not to mention the actual cost of downtime. That’s why at FIELDFIX our hosted infrastructure includes best of breed servers, redundancy, data recovery and data security.

Furthermore, FIELDFIX’s core design was founded on the philosophy that everything we do is to help our customers work smarter, not harder, so that they can stay ahead of the game. That’s why we made sure our smart software works offline. So if your field crew is out in a remote area without cellphone coverage FIELDFIX still works, capturing the information ready for sending when the crew is back in coverage. This means things aren’t going to be missed just because a job is exceptionally remote.

When it comes to providing a consistent, reliable service, our customers are confident to leave IT to us. We take care of the “geeky” stuff, leaving you to get on with doing business.

2. Integration:  “integration of cloud services can introduce a host of new support, billing and management complexities”

With over 20 years’ experience in software design and development we understand the importance of integrating new systems with your current business operations. FIELDFIX was built to integrate and integration continues to play a key role in our ongoing product development. We welcome the opportunity to work actively with your existing software suppliers to ensure all systems talk to each other, just the way you want it.

3. Control: “controlling and managing your new cloud services should not create an additional burden on your IT team”

At FIELDFIX we’re not just about the software. We understand that implementing new software is a cultural change for your business. It involves re-training your staff, changing and adapting your processes, and more importantly your team need to believe in it and want to use it, because if they don’t, you’ve got nothing!  When customers come on board with FIELDFIX we personalize our training programmes to suit your business needs. Our hands-on training and support make sure your guys are up and running in no time.

Whilst we certainly don’t presume to be the best at everything, we are confident that FIELDFIX is, without a doubt, a stable, robust, tried and proven software solution. Our customers can rest easy that when it comes to reliability, integration and control FIELDFIX ticks all the boxes.

Source: comparethecloud, 11 Aug 2015, Maximizing the value of the cloud Read more

Real time business reporting
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Powerful business reporting, the easy way

There’s nothing more frustrating than having information buried in your software system that you can’t get your hands on. Your staff begin to view it like a “black hole” once information goes in, it never comes out! Worse still, without the proper cloud-based reporting software, all that unstructured data your business has worked so hard to collate, remains just that……unstructured and of little use.

Unfortunately, time and time again businesses find themselves in exactly this situation. That’s why when searching for cloud-based software solutions companies need to make sure that the information captured can be just as easily accessed for practical business reporting.

At FIELDFIX we are passionate about a lot of things. Sure, we are very proud that FIELDFIX is fast becoming a Best of Breed mobile information system, recognised for getting the right information, to the right people, from anywhere, anytime. But we are just as passionate about helping businesses make sense of data the easy way with practical, no nonsense business reporting. Our customers particularly like the way FIELDFIX enables them to make sense of the complicated, unstructured information.  According to statistics, “up to 80 percent of the information you will need for reporting consists of unstructured, text based files that are difficult to process.” (source: 10 July 2015, 5 vital features your cloud reporting solution needs to have)

FIELDFIX provides a wide range of reporting options across our entire feature set. For example FIELDFIX Job Management compiles all job related data into one easy to view screen. See costs vs revenue per job, per contract or per client from anywhere, any time and stay on top of your business the easy way.

Audit, Health & Safety, Compliance Reporting – use FIELDFIX’s smart Event Management reporting feature which merges information with photographic evidence instantly. FIELDFIX Event Management is brilliant for capturing all those ad hoc events as they happen in the field. Field crew record incidents with multiple photos and text, all information is merged into professional reports in seconds allowing you to stay ahead of the game and ensure your clients get all the information they require. In addition to our core reporting feature set many customers have their own reporting requirements. With the FIELDFIX custom fields feature, custom reporting is easy, without the usual burden of expensive development costs and long lead time. Just tell us what you need and we’ll do it.

So if you are struggling to get the information you need from the field and back to the office in real time, and you want a smart software system that knows how to store, access and utilise data, the FIELDFIX team would love to hear from you. At the end of the day, gaining information is only a small part of the process. Making sense of your information with intelligent business reporting is critical to the success or failure of your business.

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Implementing new cloud software, when experience really does count

When companies decide to change from existing paper processes in favour of a new “cloud” software or “software as a service” they need to feel supported every step of the way. After all, you aren’t just changing paper processes when implementing a new software, you are often changing how people work, introducing a new culture. Especially for the guys in the field who, unlike office staff,  are often not experienced with using software to record and report on their daily activities at the coalface.

That first step can often be scary for new businesses, big and small. Staff can feel under pressure and out of their depth when learning new technology.  And that’s when choosing a service provider with experience really does count. You want to make sure that the software you choose really does do what you need it to, and that the implementation process is discussed and agreed in advance so that every stage is clear and meets your organisational needs in terms of roll out, time scales and cost.

FIELDFIX is a stable, robust, tried and tested mobile information capture system which empowers your field crew to record the information your business needs, as it happens in the field, and even from the most remote places. Much more than just a data capture system, FIELDFIX then gets your information to where it’s needed, in real time and in the format that makes managing your daily activities and business easy.

Moreover, we know what works in the field through first-hand experience and we know what doesn’t work also. Rather than being a system designed in the office and pushed out to field crew to use, we started in the field and this gives us a unique perspective and understanding that many software companies cannot claim to have.

Backed by the best of breed servers, data security and our highly experienced team of IT specialists dedicated to getting it right for you first time, you can rest assured we have your back covered.

Our thorough approach to implementation provides a low risk platform for managing the overall culture change required for mobile software implementation. FIELDFIX having come from the field understands this and has the toolsets and methodologies in place to assist organisations with getting to grips with this fundamental culture change within their business.

Introducing change and new software systems may be a serious business but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one. When working with the right partner, it can be an enlightening, exciting and fun journey!

Read more about FIELDFIX Support and how we have got your back covered every step of the way.

“Compared to where we were when we first made the decision to implement FIELDFIX we’re worlds apart… it’s just magic!” – Managing Director – Austin Asphalt Ltd

“Once the decision was made to roll out FIELDFIX to the ground staff everyone from the FIELDFIX team pitched in to ensure that all training and roll out went as smoothly as possible. The FIELDFIX team responded with confidence and a great ‘can do’ attitude to all queries and tweaks.” – Operations Management – Treescape NZ Ltd