Create As Builts online in the field

The guys in the field told us they were fed up spending long, unproductive hours in the day hand drawing As Builts, then redrawing them again late at night before they could get paid.

You told us. We listened. We built it.

Create FIELDFIX As Builts online in the field using your smartphone or tablet. FIELDFIX As Builts are easy to use, quick to complete and produce accurate results for speedy payment.

Create professional customer reports in seconds

Current FIELDFIX As Builts include:

  • Pits and cabinet
  • Trenching and drilling
  • Boundary duct installations
  • Fibre hauling
  • Joints
  • Road crossings

FIELDFIX has become a ‘household’ name in conversation with many of our contractors.

I do not use FIELDFIX during the course of my duties but see the results in the quality of As Builts received from some of our prime contractors. Not only in the quality but in how quickly they are submitted.

In a recent audit from our client, they were aware of FIELDFIX before we started our audit and were very pleased with how easy it was to compare rates paid to As Builts and referencing the lay plans.

Senior Management, Visionstream