Work together to get the job done

Our Corporate View feature is all about working collaboratively to get the job done. It is an extension of FIELDFIX Job Management and was developed in response to our customers’ requirements to have real time job progress reporting across multiple contractors in the field. Their need was for a service that enabled them to proactively manage their contractors and daily jobs progress. Corporate View is a unique feature to FIELDFIX and allows you to do just that.

Real time job reporting across multiple contractors

FIELDFIX can be set up to have multiple individual sites feeding through to a parent site (with applicable user rights in place), providing the parent site with an entire overview of how contractors and field crews are tracking on a daily basis.

Key features & benefits
  • Share real time visibility of how the job is progressing across multiple contractors
  • Job details sent to project lead for approval as they happen in the field
  • Synchronise jobs and keep your contractors up to date at all times
  • Proactively manage your contractors and daily jobs progress
  • Accurately track cost vs revenue per job
  • Work collaboratively to get the job done