All you need to manage your business

Job Management is the “core” of our FIELDFIX system, from quote to close it really does provide you with everything you need to manage your business in the field and at the office.

Track your clients, your contracts, your jobs, your activities and measure how your crews are progressing in real time. FIELDFIX has an intuitive web interface that provides you with both a satellite view of your business, and gives you the ability to drill down directly into the detail with only a few easy clicks of your mouse.

Know your profitability and increase your productivity. Gain control of your business and keep your fingers on the pulse with FIELDFIX Job Management.


Scale it up, scale it down

FIELDFIX Job Management gives you full flexibility to track your jobs through the multiple stages from quote to close. And depending on the complexity of the job you can choose to scale up the job management using our cool “sub-jobs” feature, making light work of managing those complex and high volume jobs.

Integration is key

We are very passionate about integration, and that’s why all FIELDFIX supporting features work seamlessly together, automatically feeding the data captured in the field into FIELDFIX Job Management.

Custom fields for job cards

Our new feature Custom Fields makes customising job cards quick and easy. Simply tell us what information you need to report on in the field and we’ll customise your report to fit with your business. more

In the field
Key features & benefits
  • Developed at the coalface and tried and tested with actual field crews, it’s technology that works
  • Field crew use smartphones and tablets to record job activities as they happen
  • Easily sort and filter data and send information from the field to the office in seconds
  • Job allocation is easy with simple to use drop down selection menus
  • Built to work off line and handle large volumes of data for when your guys are out of coverage or in the middle of nowhere
  • Scope, quote and approve jobs in the field, track budget vs actual work as job progresses
  • Capture as you go; work type, work detail, completed units, comments and photos for each activity and record fleet usage against each job
  • Variations, incident and accident information as well as events are captured against each job so that the office can view it in seconds rather than having to wait for someone to arrive onsite
  • Easy to follow green ticks and red stop signs from our quality con-Troll ‘FLAGGIT’ provide a simple and intuitive guide for fat fingers to follow when adding information to job cards, timesheets, event reports and other custom FIELDFIX forms in the field
  • Simple layout and buttons for fat fingers and thumbs and green background reduces outside glare on screens

In the office
Key features & benefits

With FIELDFIX you can manage complex and high volume jobs easily!

  • Customise your own activity list – make it personal to your own business and way of operating
  • Build your own descriptions of work types, codes and rates – relevant to your jobs, your everyday language, make it fit your business
  • Change or adapt your activity list at any time to keep up with the changes in your business
  • Keep field crew productive, create, approve and dispatch jobs out to the field instantly
  • View in seconds what your field crews are sending in – keep on top of timesheets, job cards, variations, incidents, accidents and unforeseen events
  • Action Management, our in built quality control feature highlights data captured incorrectly providing easy access to those items which need attention in your business
  • Monitor and track your jobs through their lifecycle in real time (costs vs. revenue, budgets vs. actuals)
  • Integrate FIELDFIX with your accounting, payroll, or other existing software applications to streamline internal data transfer and improve your business cash flow management