You may have a great group of guys working hard in the field, but have you thought about how much time they spend completing paperwork, driving to and from the office for work details, making repeat visits to sites to correct lost or inaccurate information instead of getting the job done?

FIELDFIX is practical job management software that removes the time, cost and hassle of paperwork in your business. It uses smart technology designed for the fat fingers of field crew to get information to and from the field in seconds.

Equipped with just a smartphone, field crew can scope, quote and approve jobs in the field, receive job details, record timesheets, job costs and events on-site with proof of compliance, and health and safety.

Easily track your clients, your contracts, your jobs, your activities and measure how your crews are progressing in real time. FIELDFIX has an intuitive web interface that provides you with both a satellite view of your business, and gives you the ability to drill down into the detail. Gain control of your business and keep your fingers on the pulse with real time business reporting.

Driven by the needs of the guys in the field, FIELDFIX is an easy-to-use system that manages every aspect of the job from quote to close. It’s so simple to use that it allows everyone in your business to play their part in contributing to business administration. FIELDFIX gives your crew the ability to work smarter, not harder and get the job done:

  • Get the right person on the right job
  • More productive field crew, more profit
  • Improve standards and drive better behaviour
  • Create teamwork and a great working environment
  • Ability to measure staff performance instantly

It doesn’t matter what size business you are, our clients range from large international corporates through to everyday small business owners. FIELDFIX works in any business.

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