Get the job accepted before driving off-site

Save time and money by scoping, quoting and signing up new work before you’ve even driven off site!

Once approved, the quoted work can be instantly dispatched to field crew with detailed work instructions and annotated pictures.

As work is completed and activities are recorded, track job progress against budget making auditing the work quick and easy.

Now that’s smart!

Key features
  • Choose which devices can display job cards with or without rates
  • Choose to deploy contract rates to handhelds so that the user can see “$” values for all activities belonging to a contract
  • Select whether an external code is required for each job in the contract

I am really excited about FIELDFIX and what it can do for my business. I am also looking forward to the next product development – quoting. Being able to send a quote before I have driven off site! Then track quote vs actual as the job progresses. Very cool.

Business owner, Complete Underground Services