Send timesheets anywhere, any time

FIELDFIX Timesheets enables field crew to clock on and off on-site, log vehicle usage and kilometres and other job related information like overtime and annual leave using their own smartphones.

Key features & benefits:
  • Get better cost control with FIELDFIX timesheets
  • Capture actual time worked on jobs and vehicle costs
  • No more lost or illegible timesheets
  • No more couriering timesheets up and down the country
  • Automated alerts stop field crew from submitting incorrect data
  • Approve timesheets in one click
  • FIELDFIX Timesheet cost data integrates with FIELDFIX Job Management to provide accurate job cost reporting

Save instantly on administration costs!

Multiple clock-in

Site Managers can clock in all staff on-site in one click saving time and money.

Payroll made easy

Payroll is easy to view and quick to fix for admin staff. Action Management alerts admin staff to any missing timesheets and incorrect data that can be fixed instantly.  At a glance, easy-to-view graphs show the payroll status.

When timesheets are complete, admin can easily approve in one click.

Timesheet reporting made easy

FIELDFIX compiles all data into helpful reports instantly. Get daily reports on details such as job booking and pay periods.

Integrates with payroll

FIELDFIX can easily integrate with your payroll system. Talk to us about your requirements.

“The timesheet features has been simple and easy to implement with admin staff not able to wait for a further roll out to more crews.

All business processes and requirements were effortlessly incorporated into the FIELDFIX system for seamless integration into our existing business structure.”

Operations Management, Treescape