You can buy all sorts of software and leave it to the guys in the field to get to grips with it, but if they don’t buy into it, they’re not going to use it and then you’ve got nothing.

FIELDFIX is delivered as a service. With over 20 years field service experience, we understand the practical needs of our customers. Our hands-on training, support and product enhancements will get your guys on board and wanting more.

We’ve got your back

Software as a Service means you get to enjoy new product enhancements every month at no additional cost. We also have your back covered, with our reliable support team.

Customer Care & Support

  • Monthly product development and enhancement, at no additional cost
  • Automatic roll out of upgrades and new functions that benefit all users
  • Free monthly phone and email support
  • Fast, reliable response time, we don’t keep you waiting
  • Online help desk provides a wealth of information at your finger tips

How we help you get on board

Business Discovery & Mapping
We work with your organisation to understand your business structure and management practices, codes in use, activities performed by the field crew and to identify your key managers and users of FIELDFIX.

Our team will work with both your field crew and office staff to understand how each area of your business works in detail to enable accurate mapping of activities and processes against codes and FIELDFIX frameworks. This is a great opportunity to streamline and simplify current processes which will increase efficiencies gained through implementing FIELDFIX.

If an activity list methodology has not already been defined, we can help! Our experienced FIELDFIX specialists can provide expertise to assist in building and mapping a unique activity set for how you do business.

This stage is one of the most valuable steps for your business and maximises the benefits of FIELDFIX across your organisation as a whole.

Set-Up & Deployment

Our team sets you up with your very own secure FIELDFIX website with unique web address and secure login for access to the FIELDFIX product suite.

Configuration, Data Import and Quality Assurance
We import your mapped codes and activities, double check they are as they should be, and set-up the key logins/ passwords for the initial standard user staff and device name pointing for the mobile phone and tablet users.

Device Set-Up
Our specialists set up the FIELDFIX App on the selected devices and then perform a short series of testing protocols to ensure the device settings are correctly configured and that the device is working. Now you are ready to start using FIELDFIX and your organisation can hit the ground running.

Training staff that your guys can relate to

No matter how cool our software is, to be a success your team need to understand it and want to use it. Our training programmes are personalised to the user group. We do what’s needed to get your team trained up quickly and efficiently.

Training & Support

  • Personal training by people from the field service industry
  • Onsite training, where the action is, field crew learn fast and want more
  • Office staff and management, training that targets the bigger picture
  • Field Crew Quick User Guide, helpful tips & reminders covering all the basic principles when using FIELDFIX
  • Online help desk provides a wealth of information at your finger tips

Once the decision was made to roll out FIELDFIX to the ground staff everyone from the FIELDFIX team pitched in to ensure that all training and roll out went as smoothly as possible. The FIELDFIX team responded with confidence and a great ‘can do’ attitude to all queries and tweaks.

Operations Management, Treescape

I found the FIELDFIX approach to training really helpful and supportive. In the first 6 weeks the regular training meetings helped to keep me focussed and allowed me to learn the system fast. Peter Cooper, having worked in the utilities industry for many years, was able to give real advice and real examples on how best to use FIELDFIX.

Business owner, Complete Underground Services