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FIELDFIX makes light work of customising mobile forms to suit your business needs

When capturing data in the field there are two key points that should rank high on every companies list no matter what type of business they are in. One, make sure your software allows you to capture the right information from the field that fits with your business perfectly. Two, if there are any bespoke requirements that your business needs to explore, make sure the software is flexible enough to cater for customisation without costing the earth and taking an eternity to deliver. The good news is you don’t have to put up with the “more or less” answer because smart job software is built to deal with such key areas of importance.

FIELDFIX mobile forms allow you to capture exactly what you need in the field using mobile devices. With FIELDFIX Custom Fields feature you can add multiple custom fields to any form, allowing you to capture data in the field, fast, efficient and without the hassle of paperwork. It’s that easy!

Custom Form Mobile

Here are just a few examples of mobile forms we have developed for our customers:

  • Hazard ID forms
  • Audit forms
  • Vehicle check
  • Site Visitor Log
  • EWP daily check list (Elevated Work Platforms)

And with the key benefit of FIELDFIX custom forms being flexibility for our customers and the ability to update any mobile form be it Job Cards, Health & Safety reporting, Audit reporting and much more, the list just keeps on growing.

So, when it comes to choosing the right job software for your company, do your homework. Because not all job software solutions deliver what they promise. And remember Customised Reporting from the field doesn’t have to be hard. Contact us today and let FIELDFIX help you make light work of it.