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On the right path

After an exciting round of visits last month we are delighted to welcome new customers to the FIELDFIX family. More and more we’re hearing how we are really good at getting the right information, to the right people, from anywhere, any time, with the emphasis always on flexibility for our customers and the ability to customise any mobile form fast!

Just recently Troydon Contractors took advantage of this flexibility by utilising our FIELDFIX Custom Fields feature and adapting the FIELDFIX mobile forms to suit their business needs.

With more onsite training sessions planned this month, it’s great to see FIELDFIX Job Management appealing to a diverse range of businesses from civil and construction to energy and many more.

We are always pleased to gain first hand feedback from the people who use our software and the responses continue to be very encouraging. Above all, it’s good to know that our founding philosophy and vision for FIELDFIX job software is hitting the mark.

“Smart job management software that the fat fingers and thumbs out there will want to use. The coal face users don’t need pretty, they need practical.” (Peter Cooper, co-founder of FIELDFIX)

Thanks to our customers for their continued support and honest feedback, and for helping us make FIELDFIX much more than just a job management system.