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Keeping your data safe and secure with FIELDFIX

When it comes to data security, Angus Kidman really sums it up nicely, don’t you think?

“You’ve got all this business information, it’s living at least temporarily in your devices, it’s going up into the cloud… there’s all this information there that’s usually accessible. If you don’t have just good, basic security in place, there’s the real risk of financial loss, of business humiliation, just a whole range of problems.”

(Angus Kidman, Editor-in-Chief at


At FIELDFIX we are just as passionate about keeping your information safe as we are about capturing it!

All too often companies find themselves getting bogged down with reviewing the software and suitability of product for their business and overlook the importance of making sure their data is in safe hands. With over 20 years’ experience in software development and infrastructure management, keeping information safe for our customers’ remains our top priority. As Dave Hale, co-founder and technical guru of FIELDFIX says:

“When the system your business depends on shuts down it can cause all kinds of problems and unnecessary stress, not to mention the actual cost of downtime. That’s why at FIELDFIX our hosted infrastructure includes best of breed servers, redundancy, data recovery and data security.

So when it comes to choosing a software provider, don’t just think “does the software do what we need it to,” but also “can my business rely on this service provider ” because at the end of the day consistent reliability of IT services is crucial for any business.

That’s why our customers are confident to leave IT to us. We take care of the “geeky” stuff, leaving you to get on with doing business. Just the way it should be.