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Why software design should be driven by the people who use it

“People who designed this system, don’t actually use it” – Just the other day whilst in the bank I heard this very line and it got me thinking just how often you hear people around you saying this about their business software when they are struggling to get their daily job done and their “specifically designed” system just isn’t playing ball!

At FIELDFIX we take a very different approach to software design because we strongly believe our customers shouldn’t have to put up with job management software that “more or less” does what they need it to.

From the very beginnings FIELDFIX product development has focussed on the practical needs of field crew, with the people who use the system driving software development. Even the green background of FIELDFIX job software field app was chosen for its practical benefit. After trialling it in action at the coalface the guys in the field gave GREEN the big thumbs up for being the most practical colour for visibility that worked in all weather conditions. When the hot sun was beating down on the devices, or the skies were on downpour mode, the green screen remained easy to view and allowed the guys to keep working smart in the field.

To reference the great Steve Jobs:

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

The FIELDFIX team couldn’t agree more. With FIELDFIX mobile job management software, everything we do starts with the design. Get that right, and the rest will follow. And above all, listen to your customers’ needs because they are the ones who will be using your software!

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FIELDFIX Customisation gives client what they need in just 3 days. Now that’s fast!

Once again it goes to show that software customisation doesn’t need to take an age to deliver, nor cost the earth. FIELDFIX received a new enquiry from an Agricultural Contractor on the Thursday. A one-man band, he was after a smart software solution that would replace his current cumbersome paper forms in the field and allow him to capture chemical use and quantities on the job quickly, efficiently and without the pain of paperwork.

Using our FIELDFIX Custom Forms feature our technical team were able to turn it around and get back to the customer by Monday, before they’d even had a chance to start the new working week. Now that’s fast!

Agricultural Industry_Spraying Custom Form

FIELDFIX gets smart with mobile Custom Forms for the Agricultural Spraying Industry

Gone are paper forms and hand-written records of chemicals used, rate per hectare, water application rate, how it was applied, temperature, wind speed, a wind speed rating, humidity level, weather conditions, paddock numbers and the list goes on! With some swift FIELDFIX customisation all this information can be captured using dropdown boxes, picklists and easy to enter fields on a tablet. FIELDFIX makes light work of what was previously a messy paper job and records all necessary information required for billing and reporting in the Agricultural spraying industry. No more muddy bits of paper lost under the seat!

Add to that the benefit of FIELDFIX job management and the total flexibility it offers customers to scale up or down depending on their business needs, for example if you’re going through a growth patch or increased seasonal demand such as the spraying season, FIELDFIX will keep you working smarter not harder.

So it really goes to show, when it comes to software customisation don’t be fooled into believing you have to be kept waiting, because smart job software is built to deal with such key areas of importance. And remember customised reporting from the field doesn’t have to be hard.

Contact us today and let FIELDFIX help you make light work of it.

Read more about how FIELDFIX makes light work of customising mobile forms to suit your business needs.


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Put FIELDFIX Audit Forms at the top of your checklist

How cool is this? FIELDFIX Audit Forms can take your big, complex, multi-page compliance wad of paperwork and put it neatly inside a handheld device, so you can complete it quickly and easily on-site!

There really is no limit to the information FIELDFIX can collect from the field. You can use it for large checklists like site audits, health and safety checks, conflicts checklists, client and job checklists, hazard ID, job start forms, complex plant checks (i.e. EWPs), basically any lengthy form with lots of yes/no questions.

FIELDFIX Audit Forms are so much more than just a ‘write your own online form’ as the data collected is automatically fed into our Job Management software which stores all job/client related data together, and can be readily accessed via one easy-to-view screen.

We recognise that not every business operates the same, so our Audit Forms are fully flexible for you to do it your way and make them specific to your company using the language that your guys in the field understand.

Moreover, FIELDIX Audit Forms also has the ability to accept up to 4 signatures for approval or confirmation that the information has been read, or is correct.

Our clients that are currently using our Audit Forms have found that they work well together with our Dropbox integration. Once the form has been completed, for example a site checklist, or health and safety risk assessment, it can be easily published and uploaded onto Dropbox from the FIELDFIX web interface. You can then create a link to that document on the mobile job form that is sent out to your field crew devices. Crew can then open, read, and then sign that the document has been read and understood, all done on just their smartphones while on-site.

Keep complex paper forms out of sight on your work-site. FIELDFIX makes it simple so your field crew can just get on with the job.

Read more.

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FIELDFIX automated Timesheet Reporting is a win win for everyone

FIELDFIX mobile Timesheets encourage field crew to capture information as they work. It may help to think of a mobile timesheet as being similar in concept to the old punch card system. Whenever the crew starts on a job they ‘clock in’ using their mobile phone or tablet. In this way the crew can simply clock on to a job as they are setting up. If they forget they can send this clock on in later and FIELDFIX will sort out the ordering and calculate the hours. As well as being user friendly, FIELDFIX Timesheets integrate seamlessly with FIELDFIX Job Management, so that time recorded is also automatically reported to the relevant job.

At FIELDFIX software development never stands still. The innovative wheels are constantly in motion, working closely with customers to find new ways of working smarter not harder in the field and back at the office.

One of the success stories of this way of working is the introduction of FIELDFIX automated Timesheet Reporting.  After changing from paper to FIELDFIX mobile Timesheets, our customer was keen to go one step further and encourage field crew to take responsibility for managing their own Timesheets. We discussed practical ways of sharing information with our customer that would empower field crew to help administrate their business from the field. Out of these discussions was born the practical yet innovative solution for FIELDFIX automated Timesheet Reporting. This enables field crew to receive a report of their Timesheets logged for that week.  The automated report goes straight to their inbox every Friday. Field crew can immediately see if they have missed any Timesheets, giving them the opportunity to update the system before close of payroll. Our customer highlights the benefit of this report is that it puts the admin ownership back on staff, making sure everyone does their bit to help administrate and manage the business from the field.

Our customer has found that since FIELDFIX automated Timesheet Reporting was introduced, they very rarely have to chase missing Timesheets. A win win for everyone wouldn’t you agree?

FIELDFIX ticks all the right boxes not just for field crew but for management too.

Read more FIELDFIX paperless Timesheets, right for your field crew and your business.

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Stop your business leaking cash with FIELDFIX Event Management mobility software

When you’re completing a job, it goes without saying that it’s important to make sure you get paid for the work you’ve done. More often than not, jobs can expand with unforeseen complexities. How do you track unplanned events without holding up the job’s progress? Whilst it’s not always possible to predict ad-hoc events, what’s important is making sure your field crew have the tools they need to report changes accurately and professionally, as it happens.

In keeping with our philosophy of working smarter not harder, FIELDFIX Event Management makes reporting unplanned events in the field quick and simple. Using smartphones and tablets, field crew take photos, enter descriptions; make sketches, even sketch on photos, it really is that simple! FIELDFIX then merges all photographic and text evidence into professional customer reports in seconds, making light work of reporting in the field from anywhere, any time.

Furthermore, FIELDFIX Event Management works seamlessly with FIELDFIX Job Management, automatically storing Event Reports to the corresponding job so that months or even years later you can easily access your job history with just a few clicks. Now that’s working smart!

Find out more about FIELDFIX Event Management, and stop your business leaking cash!

Practical Job Management Software in the field

FIELDFIX now works with Dropbox

With FIELDFIX you can now access job and contract documents saved on cloud based document management systems such as DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive and iCloud Drive.

URL links stored on Dropbox (for example) can be easily linked via the FIELDFIX web interface. While working on-site, field crew can easily view all job related documents from their devices, removing yet another layer of paperwork from the field!

Also, this latest clever integration makes it easy to share relevant documents with sub-contractors instantly, so you can both get on with the job without delay.

A big thumbs up from our customers!

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‘There’s no going back now… we can’t live without it’

“There’s no going back now… we can’t live without it!” said Sean Rainthorpe from FTTX on how FIELDFIX has transformed the way they do business.

It took just four months for FIELDFIX to revolutionise the way they did business and they are now looking to grow their business by 50%.

They found that the guys in the field grabbed hold of FIELDFIX and are loving it so much there’s no going back. Using FIELDFIX has also become a great incentive for their field crews, as it tracks both job progress and individual/team performance in real time for which they can reward with a performance based bonus.

“Since implementing FIELDFIX we have seen significant improvements in our administration workflows and processes including payroll handling with FIELDFIX Timesheets, tracking working time and materials used through FIELDFIX Job Cards and also much more consistent, professional looking as-built diagrams generated using FIELDFIX. We have also seen a great reduction in the time taken to submit documentation to our clients and missing paperwork is now a thing of the past!

The FIELDFIX support team are always responsive to our questions and have resolved the few technical problems that we have encountered very quickly indeed. Our suggestions and requests have even on several occasions been included in subsequent updates to the web-based interface and/or mobile apps.”

FIELDFIX really does get the job done faster by working smarter, not harder. Contact us to find out more about how FIELDFIX can transform your business.