Capture job variations in the field and stop your business leaking cash
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Professional incident reports and automated alerts from the field in seconds

In keeping with our philosophy of working smarter not harder, FIELDFIX Event Management makes reporting unplanned events in the field quick and simple. Using smartphones and tablets, field crew take photos, enter descriptions; make sketches, even sketch on photos, it really is that simple.

FIELDFIX then merges all photographic and text evidence into professional customer reports in seconds, making light work of reporting in the field from anywhere, any time.

At a glance here are some examples of FIELDFIX Event Management Reports:

  •       Incident injury report:  for events causing injury
  •       Incident report: for events causing damage
  •       Evidence report: to record a note against a job
  •       Issue report: for events causing difficulty in completing work
  •       Variation report: to record a change in work scope

FIELDFIX automatically merges photos and text captured in the field into a professional PDF report in seconds.

Automated injury alert

When it comes to reporting an injury, FIELDFIX keeps your business up to date alerting management immediately of the situation. As soon as an injury is submitted from the field, FIELDFIX Event Management sends an automated “alert” to whoever is listed in the system as the key contact for the injured person, e.g. their manager or team leader.

Everything filed in one place

FIELDFIX files event reports to the relevant job keeping everything you need in one place. Our customers love this practical approach to business reporting.

Customised event reporting

What’s more with FIELDFIX Custom Fields you can easily customise data captured in the field, so that it fits perfectly with your business reporting needs. There really is no limit to what you can achieve with FIELDFIX Event Management.

Contact us today to find out more.

Send timesheets from anwhere, any time
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FIELDFIX Paperless Timesheets, right for your field crew and your business

With so many Timesheet apps out there how do you go about choosing the right one and what other factors should you consider other than focussing purely on price? Sure, everyone likes to get a good deal, but like most things in life ……cheap is not always better.

Once your company has decided to take the plunge and move from paper to mobile Timesheets, you want to ensure that what you are buying is just that – smart Timesheet software that will fully automate the entire process for you, from recording hours worked right down to integrating the data with your existing payroll system. Moreover, you want to choose a system that your field crew will understand and want to use and that provides easy, accessible reporting to the rest of the business.

In keeping with the entire FIELDFIX philosophy of working smarter not harder, our timesheets encourage field crew to capture information as they work. It may help to think of a timesheet as being like the old punch card system. Whenever the crew start on a job they ‘punch in’ using their mobile phone or tablet. In this way the crew can simply clock on to the job as they are setting up. If they forget they can send this clock on later and FIELDFIX will sort out the ordering and calculate the hours. Our clients find the main challenge is changing the culture within their business from paper to mobile, but with support from management and the FIELDFIX team, this change happens quickly.

At FIELDFIX we are passionate about helping businesses utilise information the easy way with practical, no non-sense business reporting. That’s why as well as being user friendly, FIELDFIX Timesheets integrate seamlessly with FIELDFIX Job Management, so that time recorded is automatically reported to the relevant job.

What’s more FIELDFIX Timesheets just got even smarter with greater flexibility and even more detailed reporting features. Our customers wanted to know more about what’s happening at the coalface so we added a “Job Comments” field. We’ve also extended the reporting features for Overtime and Allowances as well as improving the interface making FIELDFIX Timesheets even easier to use. Empower your field crew to help administrate your business from the field!

So although there may be many Timesheet apps out there, be sure to do your homework first. After all, any business change takes time and a certain amount of effort so you want to make sure you get it right the first time.

Send Timesheets from anywhere, anytime with FIELDFIX. Right for your field crew, right for your business.

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FIELDFIX Know your costs, see your profits in real time

Here at FIELDFIX, we believe in making real time business reporting quick and easy. We understand that there is nothing more frustrating than having quality data in a system that you just can’t access easily and that’s why our smart Job Management features make tracking the profitability of your jobs easy.

FIELDFIX compiles all job related data into one easy-to-view screen so that you can stay on top of the bigger picture with easy to view graphs and pie charts.

With improved graphs that show your percentage of profit in real time, FIELDFIX makes it easy to view your costs vs revenue per job, per contract or per client, and to see if a job is profitable at a glance. Now that’s smart!

Pie and Profit

You can measure your productivity and see which clients aren’t rewarding your business for your work done, and whether a contract is really profitable for you or just costing your business money. With FIELDFIX, you can be rest assured about the health of your business from anywhere, any time.

These improvements have been driven by customer requests. You asked for it, we’ve done it.

We also recognise that many customers have their own reporting requirements. With FIELDFIX custom reporting is easy, just tell us what you need and we’ll do it. Find out more…

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Got a complex job? Get FIELDFIX

FIELDFIX Job Management makes light work of managing those ‘big’ complex jobs.

Project Managers can easily plan complex commercial projects by using sub-jobs, tasks, dates and multiple job states to manage the work. For example, you can use sub-jobs to divide the job into tasks by crew function such as civil or drill, or by location such as by road. Even on-site, supervisors and project managers can assign tasks right there and then using sub-jobs so that they can use crew more efficiently to plan and manage the work.


Sub-jobs can be easily scheduled and dispatched to crew devices in seconds and are easily managed through the job life-cycle with automated job flow, while alerts keep you on top of job progress by listing jobs that need to be actioned.


With FIELDFIX jobs are more than just open or closed. FIELDFIX gives you the ability to easily manage the job through its multiple states e.g. on hold, open, quoted, approved, scheduled, planned, dispatched, in progress, work complete, reporting complete, invoiced, closed, cancelled. You choose the ones that best suit your business. Job states flow automatically depending on action e.g. as soon as data is submitted from a device, the job state moves from ‘dispatched’ to ‘in progress’.


Automated job alerts tell you which jobs need servicing, and the shared view makes it easy to share comments between field crew and office staff. You can sort jobs by next date and quickly view recent job activity so that you can immediately schedule urgent jobs and dispatch to crew devices in seconds.


FIELDFIX really does make it easy to plan and manage complex jobs, stay on top of job progress and easily track costs vs revenue in real time.

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Why field crew and business owners give FIELDFIX job management software the big thumbs up!

One of the key benefits customers really like about FIELDFIX job management software is just how easy it is to use in the field.  From the very beginnings FIELDFIX product development has focussed on the practical needs of field crew and how we can best help them capture the information from the field in real time and get it back to where the business needs it. Peter Cooper, GM FIELDFIX with over 20 years’ experience in the civil and utilities contracting industry emphasizes that: “The coal face doesn’t need pretty, they need practical.”

As well as being practical for field crew, one of the other key benefits business owners and management alike value is the systems flexibility. In order to stay ahead of the game, businesses need to be able to adapt to change quickly. FIELDFIX job management offers complete flexibility to scale up or down to suit your business needs. Built to work in any business FIELDFIX caters for small companies with minimal users up to large international organisations where managing multiple contractors and complex jobs in real time is crucial.

FIELDFIX ticks all the right boxes not just for field crew but for management too.


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A no-nonsense, practical approach to training that works for your team as well as your budget

From its very beginnings FIELDFIX software was designed to work in any business. Built to offer mobile workforces from all kinds of industries the ability to not only capture but manage data from even the most remote places – the smart way.

As a result of our flexible design approach, we are finding that FIELDFIX is appealing to all sizes as well as all sorts of businesses, near and far. In fact, once they learn what FIELDFIX has to offer and just how easy it is to get up and running and start working smarter not harder; new customers are quick to jump on board! Just this week we welcomed a new customer on board by the end of their first demo, all done remotely.

But it’s not just our software that’s flexible in its design and set up. All too often we find software providers can over complicate the start-up process. At FIELDFIX we prefer the no-nonsense, practical approach to training and support and have put a lot of effort into making it as easy as possible to implement FIELDFIX.

We also understand that downtime is money wasted so when it comes to getting started with FIELDFIX, we guarantee to have your office and field crew up and running and working productively in no time.

What our customers want is a no-nonsense, practical approach to training that works for their team as well as their budget. Who can argue with that? It makes perfect sense to the FIELDFIX team! And once we’ve got you up and running our support doesn’t stop there. We positively encourage our customers old and new, to pick up the phone and talk to us, no matter how small the question may seem. After all, that’s what our support team is here for.

FIELDFIX support – we’re not just about the software, we’ve got your back.


Real time business reporting
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Empowering your staff through smart business reporting

At FIELDFIX we are always looking for new innovative features to help our customers stay ahead of the game. One of our key differences lies in the fact that our product design has always focussed on the practical needs of field crew and how we can best help them capture information from the field. As Peter Cooper, co-founder of FIELDFIX says “It has to be simple for it to succeed”.

Today, our software development continues to be driven by the people who use it, because we strongly believe that empowering staff to want to work more efficiently and giving them the tools they need to report their work efficiently and effortlessly, is key to a successful business.

A great example of this is the FIELDFIX Productivity report, driven by one of our innovative customers. Its introduction has allowed our customer to really stay on top of their business by managing staff productivity and jobs from 1,000s of miles away, with automated daily reports emailed directly to their inbox. Now that’s smart!

So if you have any great ideas, get in contact with us! We find that once our customers get a taste for what FIELDFIX can do, they can’t wait to help drive the product capabilities to new levels of efficiency and that’s exactly what we love!

Read more about FIELDFIX business reporting.

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No phone signal? No matter. FIELDFIX mobile software keeps your field crew productive no matter where they are!

We often get asked the question “does FIELDFIX work offline?” To which we reply a resounding yes!

Because in our book, mobility software just isn’t smart enough if it doesn’t work offline!

That’s why FIELDFIX was built to ensure your field crew stay productive at all times even when working in the most remote places. No phone signal? No matter. FIELDFIX mobile job software still lets you capture information as it happens, and then synchronise once you’re back in coverage. It’s that easy.

FIELDFIX is all about providing our customers with the practical tools they need to work smarter not harder from anywhere, any time. Replacing cumbersome paper systems with smart automated business reporting that focuses on getting the right information, to the right people, no matter what part of the planet they may be working in!

Working offline is just one of the many practical features our customers enjoy. Want to know more? Check out FIELDFIX features or give us a call. Our team is always on hand to talk about how FIELDFIX helps businesses “fix it in the field,” the smart way.

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Anticipate cash flow problems, make smart decisions and stay ahead of the game with FIELDFIX

When faced with today’s challenges where retaining quality staff and tight margins seem to be the order of the day, how do contracting firms, large and small, stay ahead of the game? When managing jobs, however complex, is crucial to the success of your business, surely having reliable, intuitive systems in place is a necessity?

FIELDFIX mobile job management helps you to work smarter not harder.  With its easy-to-use yet comprehensive job management and profit screens, FIELDFIX makes it easy for you stay on top of, not only individual jobs, but the bigger picture at all times, no matter how busy your day gets.

In a nutshell, FIELDFIX tells you which clients are worth the work and which ones aren’t! How? By providing you with the ability to view the profitably of any job, contract or client and it’s makeup at any given stage of their lifecycle.

Packed with lots of smart features like Event Management, FIELDFIX stops your business leaking cash the “pain free” way.

Practical software that gives you the ability to anticipate cash flow problems, make smart decisions and stay ahead of the game.


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“You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow”

When it comes to managing jobs in the field the smart way FIELDFIX gives customers the flexibility they need.

First there were paper Timesheets, and then came mobile Timesheets. FIELDFIX goes that extra step further when driving the efficiencies of mobile information capture.  Listening to our customers, who wanted the ability to work even smarter in the field, we have expanded the capabilities of FIELDFIX Job Management to include capturing Time on FIELDFIX Job Cards.

This means instead of completing separate Timesheets and Job Cards on mobile devices, field crew now have the flexibility to record both at the same time on just one FIELDFIX mobile form.

The advantages of using FIELDFIX Job Management really do speak for themselves. Reduced administration all round as well as increased work efficiencies throughout the business. Site supervisors can manage jobs easier in the field without the hassle of paperwork.  But for those cases when it makes sense for separate Timesheet only recording, FIELDFIX mobile Timesheets still do the trick.

 “You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow.”


FIELDFIX couldn’t agree more. We focus on giving our customers the flexibility to capture and manage mobile information efficiently to suit their business needs.  Providing customers with the tools they need to manage their jobs in the field the smart way!