“Compared to where we were when we first made the decision to implement FIELDFIX, we’re worlds apart. It’s just magic!” says Roger Austin, MD Austin Asphalt.

Having initially investigated building his own bespoke app, once Roger Austin saw what FIELDFIX could do, he knew immediately it would provide his business with what it needed.

For Austin Asphalt this meant critical information, such as variations, could now be recorded, priced and dealt with from the field as they arose. Accurate, real-time analysis enabled up-to-the-minute profitability reporting and quick rate adjustments if needed on the fly. The ability to track all costs 100 percent accurately or to measure a variety of other aspects through the vast array of reports meant important decisions could be made quickly and easily as information was readily to hand. Graphics tracking of each job would also expose good and bad methodologies in the business, allowing the streamlining of all job operations over time.

Another key factor for Austin Asphalt was the ability to integrate the mobile software seamlessly with its existing systems. As Roger Austin puts it, “Mobile timesheet capture makes the wages from the field to bank payment seamless.”

Austin Asphalt

I would like to share some great news with the FIELDFIX team. Since our Job Cards went live I’ve received fantastic comments from Visionstream, the latest from our ABF Team Leader who was audited by Visionstream’s CM and was amazed at the job cards.  She requested a copy of the job card so she can forward it to Chorus for viewing.

When asked for my opinion recently about FIELDFIX, my response was that it is an essential tool to have especially in businesses of our type.  Very user friendly and true to their word, FIELDFIX has definitely helped us “do business not paperwork”.

Civil 5.2 Ltd crew working in the field

Administration Management, UFB Civil 5.2 Ltd

There’s no going back now… we can’t live without it!

Since implementing FIELDFIX we have seen significant improvements in our administration workflows and processes including payroll handling with FIELDFIX Timesheets, tracking working time and materials used through FIELDFIX Job Cards and also much more consistent, professional looking as-built diagrams generated using FIELDFIX. We have also seen a great reduction in the time taken to submit documentation to our clients and missing paperwork is now a thing of the past!

The FIELDFIX support team are always responsive to our questions and have resolved the few technical problems that we have encountered very quickly indeed. Our suggestions and requests have even on several occasions been included in subsequent updates to the web-based interface and/or mobile apps.

Operations Management, FTTX Services Ltd

I found the FIELDFIX approach to training really helpful and supportive. In the first 6 weeks the regular training meetings helped to keep me focussed and allowed me to learn the system fast. Peter Cooper, having worked in the utilities industry for many years, was able to give real advice and real examples on how best to use FIELDFIX.

I am really excited about FIELDFIX and what it can do for my business. I am also looking forward to the next product development – quoting. Being able to send a quote before I have driven off site! Then track quote vs actual as the job progresses. Very cool.

Business owner, Complete Underground Services

Once the decision was made to roll out FIELDFIX to the ground staff everyone from the FIELDFIX team pitched in to ensure that all training and roll out went as smoothly as possible. The FIELDFIX team responded with confidence and a great ‘can do’ attitude to all queries and tweaks.

The timesheet features have been simple and easy to implement with admin staff not able to wait for a further roll out to more crews.

All business processes and requirements were effortlessly incorporated in the FIELDFIX system for seamless integration into our existing business structure. We are constantly looking forward to further developments and always enjoy a coffee with the FIELDFIX team.


Operations Management, Treescape

FIELDFIX has become a ‘household’ name in conversation with many of our contractors.

I do not use FIELDFIX during the course of my duties but see the results in the quality of As Builts received from some of our prime contractors. Not only in quality but in how quickly they are submitted.

In a recent audit from our client, they were aware of FIELDFIX before we started our audit and were very pleased with how easy it was to compare rates paid to As Builts and referencing the lay plans.

field crew

Senior Management, Visionstream