“Compared to where we were when we first made the decision to implement FIELDFIX, we’re worlds apart. It’s just magic!” says Roger Austin, MD Austin Asphalt.

Having initially investigated building his own bespoke app, once Roger Austin saw what FIELDFIX could do, he knew immediately it would provide his business with what it needed.

For Austin Asphalt this meant critical information, such as variations, could now be recorded, priced and dealt with from the field as they arose. Accurate, real-time analysis enabled up-to-the-minute profitability reporting and quick rate adjustments if needed on the fly. The ability to track all costs 100 percent accurately or to measure a variety of other aspects through the vast array of reports meant important decisions could be made quickly and easily as information was readily to hand. Graphics tracking of each job would also expose good and bad methodologies in the business, allowing the streamlining of all job operations over time.

Another key factor for Austin Asphalt was the ability to integrate the mobile software seamlessly with its existing systems. As Roger Austin puts it, “Mobile timesheet capture makes the wages from the field to bank payment seamless.”

Austin Asphalt